Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: New MASH nail stamping plates! (Part 2)

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Hello again!

Here is part 2 of my review of the new MASH stamping plates...First I'll talk about stamping with them, and then I'll show you some stamped images. If you want to see all of the images on each plate, you can see them in the first half of my review by clicking here. I also have a video showing and discussing them:

Looking at the plates, they seem to have detailed images, and seem to be of top quality, so I was expecting a lot when I began to stamp with them. I wasn't disappointed! I think that all plates take a little getting used to--for example, I had to learn to scrape a little more gently than I was used to with the large Cheeky image plates--but the learning curve on these is very small. From the first attempt to stamp with these plates, I had almost no problems. When I did have a problem, it was because I scraped too gently, and once I started making sure to scrape enough, all was well. In most cases, the first time I tried to stamp with an image, it was perfect, or near perfect; when I adjusted, the second time was manicure-worthy. I note below which attempt you are looking at, so you know these images are not atypical results after hours of practice until I got them just right!

I used Konad stamping polishes for all of these, either in black, red, or green-gold. All of the images have Seche Vite topcoat unless noted. The details on the images transfer well, and the designs are very crisp. Here are some examples; I wasn't too worried about my base being perfect, perfect clean up, or perfect positioning, I just wanted to get good contrast of the stamped images:

Mash-43. This was my first attempt to stamp this pattern. Look at that crisp detail! Base polish is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Beige Blast.

Mash-45. This was my first attempt to stamp this pattern. Perfect image. How cute and retro are those cherries!! I can't wait to do a manicure with these. :)

 Mash-26. This was my first attempt to stamp this pattern. The jagged edge at the bottom is user error, lol; I stamped it lopsidedly and tried to correct it after the fact. Base coat is Color Club's Metamorphosis.

 Mash-39. This was my second attempt to stamp this pattern. This design would look wonderful stamped in gold on black, I think.

 Mash-41. This was my second attempt to stamp this pattern. The irregularity of the stripes at the bottom were user error, not because of the image. Look at the crispness and details on that image!

 Mash-45. This was my second attempt to stamp this image. These vines are so fun; I want to stamp them in a bright green over yellow or light blue.

 Mash-49. This was my second attempt to stamp this design; the first time, I didn't scrape the image enough, and it squooshed and blurred. Big blocks of image can be difficult to stamp without doing just that, but as you see here, on my second attempt, the stamped image was gorgeous. :)

Mash-44. This was my first attempt at stamping this image. I only stamped half of the image because I wanted to see what it looked like as a spray across one side of the nail--I LOVE it like this. I can guarantee I'll be doing a manicure like this during the fall with fall colors, if not before.

So there you have it. The quality of these is very good; the images are sharp and detailed. It was not a struggle at all to get good images. I was very pleased all around, and I highly recommend picking up these plates. If anyone would like to see a particular image from a plate stamped, let me know and I'll be happy to do it. :)  I'll be posting some manicures I've done with these plates over the next few days, as well.

You can get more information about these plates and you can order them here. They are currently selling for $12.99, which is an INCREDIBLE price for a set of such good quality, with original images.

Thanks for reading, and please let me see what you do with them if you get them!! :)


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