Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NOTD Before & After: Color Club's Fly With Me


Today's manicure started out with Color Club's Fly With Me, one of the colors from their new collection. It's a very pretty green with glass flecks that gets notice in a good way:

 Ahhh...sooo preeeetttyyy...

I didn't want to take away from the color too much, but I wanted to add a little zip. So, I stamped it using Sally Hansen Instra-Dry in Night Flight, using one of the new MASH plates (Mash-44) that I reviewed recently (if you're interested in my review of the MASH plates, you can find the image plate review by clicking here, the review of how well they stamp by clicking here, and the YouTube video of the plates by clicking here):

Here is how it came out:

On the accent nail, I used one side of the design, and put it vertically onto the nail (the design is originally horizontal). Then for the other nails I used only the two bottom stripes from the design, and placed them horizontally across the top of the nail. I'm not sure if this quite counts as a 'funky french'? It sort of has the placement of a french manicure, so I'm going to go with that. :)

I like this manicure, but I think I might like it even better with other colors. For example, a red base color with gold stamped accents...Or black with silver...or white with Black...I also think a well-placed rhinestone or two would add nicely to it. Hmm...maybe I'll add some.

Thanks for looking!



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