Sunday, May 20, 2012

NOTD Before & After: Misa Spinning Out Of Control


Today I'm going to show you an exceptional dark purple, Misa's Spinning Out Of Control.

This color was just about impossible for me to photograph. I tried, I did. But no matter what I did, it came out too blue. That and the reflection from the polish also makes it look like it goes on in a less-than-perfect fashion, but the finish on this is smooth and velvety and amazing. The finish shows better in the stamped pictures, and I did get one nail in one picture that will show you the gorgeous glow-y purpleness, which I enlarged at the very end:

Outside light, in the shade.

Inside light

Indoor light with flash.

My stamping choice for manicure was decided by a stamping challenge I was in. I had been wanting to try something like this with a block stamp, and butterflies fit the theme perfectly, so I went for it:

Indoor light that shows the smooth finish and almost gets the color right.

Also indoor light that shows the finish accurately and the color almost accurately.

I stamped this using Salon Express plate SE-19. There are 4 butterflies on the accent nail (one just looks like a faint blob). The bottom-most butterfly is stamped with a mixture of Spinning Out Of Control and China Glaze LOL. The next one up is LOL by itself, followed by China Glaze Avalanche, and then finally at the top, Sally Hansen Insta-dry Silver Sweep. On the other nails, there is one butterfly at the top, stamped with Avalanche. It doesn't fully come across here, but since the top one on the ring finger is the lightest color, it stands out from the ones on the other nails, and pulls attention to the metamorphosis of the butterfly on the accent nail. Or, at least, so say I. :-P

Here is an extreme close-up of the one nail I got in ONE of the 50 pictures I took that gets the color right:

Is that or is that not a gorgeous, rich, velvety dark royal purple!? I love it, and if you like dark purple, I think you will too.

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  1. Oh, so pretty! I think this is one of my favorites so far. :)

  2. Thank you! I was frustrated that the bottom-most butterfly was too blobby. But overall I'm really happy with it. :)


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