Saturday, May 12, 2012

Two first attempts at magnetic nail art manis...with marginal success. :)


Looking over my posts, it's funny (or sad, possibly) how many of these posts are called 'first' something or other. In a way I guess it's silly to bother blogging about it when I'm so new at most of this stuff, and am finding my way through it. But, maybe when I'm a pro at all of these techniques, I'll look back at these old posts and go 'awww, how a really tragic way...', lol! And, I'm sure I'm not the only one blundering my way through nail art. In the meantime, personally, I don't need a design to be perfect to get inspiration from it, so if anyone out there gets an idea from my posts, my job here is done, even if it's in the form of 'OMG, that is so horrible, I could do so much better!' Please do, and please show me 'cause I'd love to see. :)

On that note, this is my first attempt to do a nail art mani using magnetic polishes, and I've gone back and forth about posting it, because it's good only in theory, I think. Anyway, first let me show the pictures, and then I'll talk about what I did and didn't like about it.

These are some of the techniques used in a previous post about playing with magnetic polishes, and I wanted to see if I could do a bi-color effect across the full manicure instead of just on a per-nail basis. I like how thee colors come together, and overall I like the effect of putting regular polish and magnetic polish together. I think it is kinda cool the way the angles on the nails make it look cohesive over all five of the nails. I even like the diagonal nails.

What I really hate is the middle finger nail. Hate. A LOT. Despise. Revile. I'm not sure if it's because it was so short...the combination of an already-the-shortest nail with a horizontal stripe dissecting it ended up making it look like Stubby McStubberson, particularly when all the other nails have a graceful diagonal to visually extend them. I don't know if the horizontal design alone would have been enough to do cause the FAIL stub--I think it probably would have been, and I'm not sure I'll ever know, because I don't think I'll be trying it again. I think if I were to do this again, I'd do it with a carat-style french tip on that nail. or, most likely, I'd have a diagonal on every nail. And I'd certainly not do it when that middle finger is the shortest of the bunch.

Here's what I used, and how I did it: I started by painting the whole nail with one coat of China Glaze's Westside Warrior. Then I took some scotch tape, made it less sticky by putting it on my hand a few times, and placed it on the nail where I wanted the dividing line, covering the part I did not want to have any other pain on it. Then I put China Glaze's Cling On over the non-covered portion of the nail, and hit it with the magnet. I removed the tape, and painted a silver stripe over the dividing line with a Kiss nail art polish.

Here is my second attempt. A few days ago I had a manicure with Orly's Space Cadet, which I stamped on. When I went to take it off, it seemed like a good time to try a variation, since China Glaze's Cling On is so close to the green tones in Space Cadet. So, I put the polish over the stamping, zapped it with a wave magnet, and here's what I got:

I took about 50 pictures of this manicure, and none of them would come out...finally, I tried taking a pic with my phone, and it worked. Not perfectly, but at least you can see it. Here's the funny thing--in real life, you can't see the stamping under the magnetic polish at all. But in these pictures, you can clearly see the stamping through it! Ah, the lovely refractive properties of cameras and light. Anyway, they show you the idea at least, which is a sweep of polish in a curvy-diagonalish swipe across the nail, with a little bit of Space Cadet showing through. If I did it again, I would have less of the magnetic polish and more of the Space Cadet. But, these colors went together beautifully, and I really do like the look of it, so I will do this again in some form.

Thanks for looking!


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