Friday, May 11, 2012

Zoya Green skittle swatches


I warned you I liked green...And yes, I purchased 4 of them in my Zoya order. And I love every single one. :)

I got lucky and captured them fairly well with just one picture:

From left to right (all of these are with two coats, and no topcoat):

Zoya Shawn: This is a strong, versatile, foresty-green creme. I can see wearing it for St. Patrick's day, for Christmas, and just because. This is two coats, and it's still a bit streaky--it could use three. It also needs a topcoat. But that's okay, 'cause it's so pretty.

Zoya Gemma: This is a complete stunner. A light grassy green with an incredible light blurple flash to it. There is something ethereal about this polish, that makes me think of the beautiful tree and scenery in Avatar. I don't usually think of green polish as particularly feminine (I mean, it's not *unfeminine*, just not what pops to mind when you think of 'feminine nail polish'), but this one absolutely is.

Zoya Dree: Dree is a light camo-ish khaki colored creme. She's nice on her own, but I can't wait to do a set of camo nails with her and China Glaze's Westside Warrior.

Zoya Yara: Another stunner. Yara is a dark olive-y forest-y green (just a titch more olive than she looks here) with gold/copper/green micro glitter in her that gives textural depth. Zoya does this so well in so many of their polishes, but this one is a masterpiece of the type, I think. It's almost like you have a light coat of glitter over the polish, but it's more integrated and subtle than that.

I could not be happier with all of the polishes I got at Zoya, and I hate to pick favorites, because I like them all so much. I do think of these four, however, Gemma and Yara are the most unique and special. I'm sure you'll see me do full manicures with them soon.

Hope you saw something you liked...Thanks for looking.


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