Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sharks playoff nails

Maureen, this one's for you!

Here is the manicure I did for the Shark's playoffs attempt. This is one of my first attempts to do anything other in addition to plain stamping in nail art, so it's not great, but I still like it. And while they're out of the playoffs now, that can't possibly be due to the uneven stripes on my mani...right? *looks worried*

Anyway, here it is, first right-side up so you can see the full mani:

And then upside-down to see the accent nail better:

Here's what I used:

Accent nail:
Base color: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Silver Sweep
Shark stamped with Konad black polish, using Konad plate m27
NYC Empire State Blue and Revlon Radiant for the 'water' under the shark
Revlon Tangerine and Black Star for the stripes

Main mani:
Base color: NYC Empire State Blue
Accent Glitter: Revlon Radiant

(Wait...did I just post a mani with absolutely no China Glaze in it? Quick, call a doctor...)

Here's to the Sharks doing way better next season. :)

Thanks for looking,



  1. I tried this plate with konad polish and am not having any luck, specifically the goldfish. I love this mani. and it gives me hope that maybe with practice it will work!

    1. Hmm...Do you think maybe you have a bad plate? They should be willing to replace it if so. Usually Konad plates stamp like a dream...


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