Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NOTD Before & After: Sinful Colors Cinderella


I don't care for pastel colors. And I absolutely detest pink. So can someone please explain to me how I fell in love with a polish that is pastel blue with pink flecks? I would have bet all the nail polish in my collection that it would never happen. But it did.

Meet Sinful Colors' Cinderella. No, I don't think it's new, and I'm sure many have already heard of it. But I found it at my Walgreens this weekend for the typical and awesome Sinful Colors price of $1.99. Apart from the spelling (why not Sinderella, since it's Sinful Colors?), I was drawn to it, because of what I consider a very interesting pairing of colors. I have tried to capture them on the nail in the pictures, and the flecks show a bit, but ironically the true color of them shows best in the bottle in the last picture. Why don't we see more pairings like this? Like a lime green, or even a forest green, with red flecks for a Christmas collection? Or a purple creme with orange flecks for a halloween collection? And I don't mean a glitter--I mean an actual creme or shimmer polish, like this one. Perhaps those are all out there too, and I just haven't found them yet.

The second I saw it, I knew I wanted to stamp on it with a similar pink to bring out the flecks. Problem is, as noted above...I hate pink. Well, most pinks. I can be persuaded to tolerate a dusty-rose-grey pink if pushed...and luckily for me, there was just such a metallic pink sitting on the Sinful Colors display (called Dancing Nails). When I held them together I realized that it would go beautifully with Cinderella, because it was only just a titch darker than the flecks themselves, and being a metallic, it was likely to stamp decently. So I bought it, and carefully selected a fun pattern to stamp with; I settled on Bundle Monster plate BM-03:

If you look at the flecks in the bottle in this picture, you can see how they closely match the metallic rose pink of Dancing Nails that I stamped with. I added an extra stamp on the accent nail, and I think a pink rhinestone would look perfect in the center of it, or on one of the ones on the tip. I think the result is playful and fun, and would certainly be great for a baby shower, particularly if you didn't know yet what the gender of the baby was!

(Btw, if you ever wondered if/why cuticle oil is necessary, you can see why in the picture above. That's what happened when I wasn't taking care of my cuticles, especially once I started using a higher acetone-concentrate polish remover...*shudders*)

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