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New polish line: Spoiled by Wet n Wild (UPDATED)


Today I got the opportunity to pick up some of the new Wet n Wild line, called Spoiled. I got these at CVS; like most Wet n Wild polishes, they are normally $1.99, but this week are on sale for $0.99. I picked up seven of the colors that were the most appealing to me, and that seemed the most unique: Are Mermaids Real?, Checkin' Into Rehab, Cougar Attack, Deeper Dive, I'm Bar-roque, Pick Your Poison, and Show Me The Money. (I almost bought Pay With Platinum until I realized it's a dupe for Gray's Anatomy, at least judging by the bottle--when you hold them side-by-side, they're identical. If anyone has tried this and found it looks different on, please let me know. :) )

Here are the bottles:

Left to right: Checkin' Into Rehab (it photographed blue here; see the below solo picture for accurate color); Are Mermaids Real?; Pick Your Poison.

Left to right: Cougar Attack; Show Me The Money; Deeper Dive; I'm Ba-roque.

Are Mermaids Real? (please excuse the glove, but taking the pic on a blue background seems to be the only way to get a true picture of purples with my camera!). This is a stunner, and my favorite of the ones I bought. It has a purple base with so many gold-copper flecks that I'm not sure how the purple even shows through! The color shown in the picture above is accurate both to the in-person bottle and the color on the nail swatch.

Checkin' Into Rehab (ditto about the glove). The color in this picture is again accurate to the in-person version both in the bottle and on the nail swatch; the picture of the nail swatch below is not accurate. This is a deep purple jelly with just a sweep of pink and copper glitter throughout; it doesn't cover the whole surface like Are Mermaids Real? or Deeper Dive. This is the only one of the colors that I think really needs three coats to eliminate VNL. I like the subtlety of the glitter in this...I know it's almost nail treason to say sometimes less glitter is better, but sometimes less glitter really is what I want. *ducks*

Cougar attack (the picture is a little blurry to give a good idea of the range of colors for the glitter). This is a copper glitter with different shades of copper, in a brown jelly base. It can easily be worn alone, because it covers completely in two coats; it would also look lovely used as an accent to another color.

Deeper Dive. A teal blue-green color with green glitter. The glitter makes this a little more green than it looks in this picture. This also has almost a complete cover of glitter flecks, but maybe just a little less than Are Mermaids Real?.

I'm Ba-roque. This is a frosty medium brown, so frosty it's almost foil-like, with a sprinkle of multi-colored glitter flecks. It reminds me in spirit of Color Club's Snakeskin, but in a brown-copper shade instead of a silver-green shade.

Pick Your Poison. This is a shimmery red. You probably have 20 of these in your polish collection, if you have enough polish to call it a 'collection'. But even though it isn't unique in some way, that doesn't make it any less beautiful for what it is. And if you need a shimmery, gorgeous red, what better way to get one than by paying only 99 cents for it?

Show Me The Money. This is a green and gold glitter in a clear base. Even with two coats, it doesn't cover completely, so I don't think it's meant to be worn alone, but who cares?! The different glitters here give this depth and flash even when you're still, more so when your fingers are in motion. And given that one of my local sports teams has green and gold as its colors...yep, perfect for me. :)

Top row left to right: Show Me The Money, Cougar Attack, Checkin' Into Rehab, Pick Your Poison. Bottom row left to right: I'm Ba-roque, Are Mermaids Real?, Deeper Dive. These are swatches I did of each color, to show you the texture, so the colors are not perfect; check the colors below. The amount of glitter/flecks in each is accurate in these swatches (although Pick Your Poison has a bit more shimmer). I wanted to get these up for people to see as quickly as I could, but as soon as I remove my current manicure, I'll do swatches on my actual fingernails and add them in. Each swatch is two coats, with no topcoat; with the exception of Checkin' Into Rehab, I think each of these could be worn without a topcoat if desired.

UPDATE: Here are the real finger swatches I promised. These are all two coats (except Checkin' Into Rehab which is three) taken in direct sunlight (and with what I hope is an improvement over the rubber glove background!):

Are Mermaids Real?

Checkin' Into Rehab (color is accurate, however, it doesn't look quite this translucent).

Cougar Attack

Deeper Dive (the flecks/flakies show more than this (see plastic nail swatch above), and in inside light it's a bit greener)

Pick Your Poison

Show Me The Money (gripping so hard my pinky looks huge, lol)

I'm Ba-roque (slightly blurry to show how the flecks pick up light)

In terms of application, all of these applied well, and even when they looked like they might be streaky, they evened out as they dried. All of them covered very well in two coats, with the exception of Checkin' Into Rehab which I think needed a third; had this been on my actual nail, there would have been VNL. They all dried quickly and with no problems.

The downside is the brushes...They are thick, unwieldy, and cut unevenly. I don't mind the thicker manicure brushes when they are cut well, but these are, well, not. The savings passed on to you was pretty clearly taken out of the brush, lol. However, I personally would rather have a polish with a good formula and a crappy brush that is still useable, than a polish with a great brush and a crappy formula. So for $1.99 and 99cents on sale, I'll learn to live with the brush.

I could not be happier with these, especially for the price, so I highly recommend picking some of these up and giving them a try.

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