Thursday, June 21, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix II collection


China Glaze has released publicity photos for a planned up-coming second collection of magnetic polishes, Magnetix II. I was slow to get on the magnetic polish bandwagon, but now I love them, and am looking forward to these! The best part is the new magnet that they're releasing too; the magnet will be for sale separately from the polishes (like their first one was), so you don't have to buy any of the new polishes at all if you want. Here are some pictures for your drooling pleasure:

Can I get that lipstick, too?

Magnet 2.0

I love the grid pattern on this magnet best. I'm also intrigued by the possibilities of the other two...I already have some ideas I want to try out...But I haven't been able to find a release date yet. :(

Positively In Love; Sparks Will Fly; Confused.

Cold Fusion; Get Charged; Bond-Tastic.

I have competing opinions about this collection, based on these pictures. These colors seem to have been chosen to match up with the last collection. It certainly could be fun to play with putting the greens from the two different sets together and things like that. But I think I would have liked for them to go a little bit more different--say, a red, or an orange. Maybe these have hidden surprises, like metallic elements in contrasting colors, like I've seen with some other brands. I hope so, because I'd like to see a bit more flash than I'm sensing. That said, I do like these colors and I'm sure I'll buy a few of them. :)

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