Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review: New Bundle Monster stamping plates 301-325

(Purchased with my own money; affiliate links)


I got my new Bundle Monster 300 series plates in the mail today, and I wanted to get some pictures up of the plates for you as soon as possible. I also made a video showing the plates, if you prefer to see them in that format: 

The plates come in a little plastic box, and arrive with the standard blue protective film covering them. The film is a little harder to get off than on some other plates I've had, so be careful--I did a little bit of small damage to my nails getting them off, but once I took a bit more time and care I was fine. And I'd rather the film be hard to get off than not put on well enough, and end up with scratched plates. The plates also come with paper backing on them, so you don't have to worry about cutting yourself on sharp edges.

Here are the images from each plate; at the end, I'll talk about them a bit more:


BM 302



The Devil made me do it!!! (but the plates, that is...)



















Now for my thoughts. I love the designs, there are very few here that I can't see myself using. There are some that are crowd-pleasers and some that go in new fun directions (like the devil plate, which I love!). I really like the fact that they've made a number of the images complementary to one another--matching full nail and nail tip designs, and some full nail designs that are carbons of one another so you can play around a bit more with your designs.

The quality is excellent. The etchings are clearly well done, and the detail is very nice. I will do a separate video/post testing out the images, but I did do a mani tonight using the detailed art-nouveau looking design at the very top of BM309, and it stamped well. That combined with having had only great results with previous Bundle Monster sets makes me feel pretty confident that there won't be any problems using these images.

One of my followers (and future swap partner!) Janaina noticed that the nail tips here seem to be bigger than the Konad ones, and she's right. The definitely seem to be taller, but not so much wider:

You can get find these by clicking here. Happy stamping!

Thanks for taking a look!



  1. Is it just me or the french tip patterns are larger and wider? I mean, when I look at your nails they don't look that narrow to me, so yes, the patterns do look like coming bigger now. Did you notice the same?
    If so, I'd be more interested in purchasing those. One thing that always bugged me about BM is the fact that one must have some good amount of skills when stamping with their plates (not really my case, lol).
    Drk-A has really big designs, that make everything easier for users. Even Konad has bigger designs. It'd be a delight to find out BM is going the same way too!
    Congrats on your new babies and have a great day! =)

    1. That is a really great catch, thank you for noticing that. I just took a couple of pictures, and they are definitely taller, but I don't think wider (I'll update the post with comparison pictures). The full-nail designs on this are bigger than the full-nails in BM's first set, and are about the same as the Konad full-nails (pretty much exactly). But yes, Drikk is definitely the king of large designes--the Cheeky XL plates are a bigger than Konad but not as big as Drikk. I should do a comparison post...

  2. Looks like I'm going to have to buy this set of plates :)

  3. Ohh those are soo nice. Theres so many different patterens and images there :)

    1. They are definitely really cool. And very different in style from the Cheeky ones that are coming out soon. :)


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