Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review and NOTD Before & After: Barielle Polished Princess + Whimsical Ideas glitters


A few days ago I tried out a new polish I've been looking at for awhile, Barielle's Polished Princess. It's a beautiful grassy green shimmer with just a few tiny flecks of microscopic glitter in it that catch the eye. The glitter seems to be orangy-copper and green, but it may be a sort of holographic; there is so little of it that it's hard to tell, but this creates a really pretty effect:

Barielle Polished Princess in the shade

Barielle Polished Princess in the sun

Look at those sparkles--subtle but very pretty :)

I've been enjoying this so much by itself that I almost decided to just leave it for another day or two without doing anything to add to it. But then...

I got nail mail.

Whimsical Ideas by Pam: Hatched, Georgia Peach Fuzz, and Green Thumb

Oh yes, that's right--indie beauties from Whimsical Ideas by Pam. And, on top of that,  two of the colors were ones I'd been considering using on the manicure. So of course, I had to go for it. I put one light coat of Green Thumb over all nails except my ring finger, on which I put one coat of Georgia Peach Fuzz:

Whimsical Ideas Green Thumb and Georgia Peach Fuzz

In the sun
Green Thumb is glitzy multi-type glitter in green tones, with teal-ish bar glitter, greenish-silver flaked glitter, and a spray of small gold, silver and teal glitter in a green base. I wanted just a touch of it so I could keep the color underneath visible, but it still gives lots of sparkle. Georgia Peach Fuzz has copper hex and small glitters in a creamy peach base--I think it looks really nice over this green, but I can't wait to see what it looks like on its own. For some reason I had a hard time getting a nice picture of Green Thumb (it's so much prettier and delicate than these pictures make it look), I think maybe the camera was latching on to Georgia to the detriment of Green Thumb.

I am very happy with the Whimsical Ideas--they have been sitting in some postal van somewhere for several days so the glitter had settled a bit, but even so, I didn't have a problem getting a really good amount of glitter out. Pam clearly has an impeccable eye for mixing the right textures and colors of glitter so that you get a really nice mix of elements for very pleasing-to-the-eye results. I haven't tried Hatched yet, but I'll post when I do, and based on the two that I've tried, I'll definitely buy from her again in the future.

Thank for reading!


(the products in this review were purchased with my own money.)


  1. I absolutely love that color! Great job :)

  2. Thank you! I'm definitely in love with this color and with the glitters. So much pretty, so little time! :)


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