Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Favorites


I've decided to do a 'favorites' post each month that highlights the 5 things that I blogged about the previous month that are my favorites, and the top 5 posts that are your favorites (according to pageviews).

Okay, me first! :P

1) Inspiration Summer Sunrise: 

This is my #1 favorite because it was one of my very first stamping-group challenges, but also because it was the biggest stretch I've taken so far in my adventures in nail art. I expected it to be a complete failure, but it actually came out well! Every time I look at it, it inspires me to try things I've been afraid to try...like...water marbling...gulp...maybe someday...You can see the original post here.

2) Spectraflair!

Ah, Spectraflair. Purveyor of magical sparkly rainbow effects...how I love you! You can be sure you'll see more posts on this. In the meantime, you can find the original post on it here.

3) Orly's Space Cadet

This is such a gorgeous polish, with so many things I love. Duochrome; glass-flecked-like finish; deep jewel-toned colors. You can find the original post on this beauty by clicking here.

4) Zoya's Gemma

This is such a beautiful and surreal polish that it actually inspired me to do my first freehand work--even if it was just grass. Also, the combination of this polish with the flakie is one of the prettiest parings I've ever seen--Zoya knows what they are doing. You can see the original post on Gemma here.

5) SPOILER ALERT: TOES!!! My supernova pedicure

The main reason this made my favorites list is the incredibly beauty of Barielle's Starchild. I can't say enough about how eye-catching the holographic glitter is in this...You can see the original post by clicking here.

Okay, now for the viewer favorites! Coming in with the most pageviews:

1) Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Polishes

Can't say I blame you. These polishes are pretty, varied, and come in SKULL bottles. Need I say more? You can see the original post on these polishes here.

2) The New Mash stamping plates. 

Again, I can't blame you. These plates have gorgeous images, top-notch quality, and sell for a bargain-basement price. You can see the original review of these plates by clicking here.

3) My first sponging gradient

Compared to most of the gradients out there, this one is definitely amateurish. But I'll get better, and hey, this one has glitter!! That's never bad. :) You can see the original gradient post here.

4) Hits No Olimpo holographic polish

The Snow White Legend says that the evil queen asked an enchanted mirror every day who the fairest lady in all the land was...I'm pretty sure whoever it was wore this polish. :) You can see the original post here.

5) Inspiration Summer Sunrise manicure

I've already commented on this one above, so you know this is a big one for me. So I'll leave it at that. But again, you can see the original post here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to come visit my ramblings and look at my hit-and-miss attempts at nail art. I can't tell you how much each and every page visit and comment means to me. :)

Peace, love and hugs, and thanks for reading!


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