Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: More Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Polishes!


UPDATE: I have been informed that these polishes contain lead. While it seems that this is probably in trace amounts such that it doesn't need to be disclosed in most states, it does contain some, and you should be careful to not bite your nails or put your fingers in your mouth while wearing polishes from this line.

Today I have three more polishes from Hot Topic's Blackheart Beauty collection to show you; as you know, I really loved the first four of these that I bought, and lusted after more. You can find these polishes on their website, or by clicking here. Let me get right to the review:

First up is Royally Screwed (gotta love that name):

More skull bottles...I love them so much...

Royally Screwed in the shade

Royally Screwed in the sun
Royally Screwed is a royal blue glitter with small glitter particles and medium hexes, in a clear base. Here I am wearing it by itself, two coats, with no topcoat; I show it over other colors below. The deep blue color is gorgeous, and is rare to find in a glitter (at least in my experience). The hexes are well-suspended, and don't require a ton of fishing to get out, although just like with any other hex glitter, some strategic dabbing will help you get even coverage (if that's what you want, I often don't). The clear base makes this ideal for pairing with other colors (see how stunning it is over Jealous Type below), but means you probably won't be wearing it alone. It's versatile and rich.

Next up is Bright Night:

Bright Night in the bottle

Bright Night in the shade

Bright Night in the sun

Bright Night is one of the glow-in-the-dark polishes in the line, and it is a pale sky-blue jelly. Here I have it alone on my index finger, and over a coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On on my middle finger. In both cases, I have three coats on. As you can see, when worn alone, even with three coats you don't get much coverage; over white it fares better. While I could not find a way to capture it in a picture, Bright Night definitely glows in the dark--but only faintly if not put over white. The finger that did have the white undercoat glowed fiercely in the dark, while I could barely see the other finger. As you'll see below, the polish does well in blacklight with or without an undercoat.

Of all of the Blackheart Beauty polishes I've tried, this is the first one I'm not really that happy with. For most of the glow-in-the-dark uses I can imagine, this color doesn't really come to mind; I'd rather go with Creep Show (a neon-ish green), a yellow (Toxicity) or an orange (Safety Dance), as these are more Halloween type colors. In terms of the color itself, it isn't unique, and you need to apply a lot of it to get the actual color if that's your focus. However, if you're going to a costume party and need a sky-blue that glows in the dark, this is the polish for you. :)

And finally, Jealous Type:

Jealous Type in the bottle

Jealous Type in the shade

Jealous Type in the sun

Okay, now we're back on track. Jealous Type is a kelly-green jelly that has a creme feel when it covers fully, which takes three coats. Here I have three such coats over white on my ring finger, and alone on my pinky--as you can see, you can't really tell a difference. Now matter what else it does or doesn't do, I love this color and am very happy to own it on that count alone.

Jealous Type is one of the polishes in the line that is intended to glow in blacklight. Note, it isn't meant to glow in the dark, and it does not glow in the dark. But under blacklight, it's vibrant:

In this picture, I have Bright Night on my index and middle finger, and Jealous Type on my ring and pinky. Both colors show up well in the blacklight, but as you can see, Jealous Type shows up a little bit brighter and better. And you can see where my cuticle clean-up was passable in regular light, but ain't foolin' nobody under blacklight, lol. If you want to make a splash under UV light, this polish will work perfectly. :)

I promised you above I'd show you Royally Screwed over both of these colors:

Royally Screwed over Jealous Type and Bright Night in the sun

Royally Screwed over Jealous Type and Bright Night in the shade
The glitter looks very pretty over both colors, and you can see it glitters and captures the light nicely. It looks good over Bright Night, and this is probably how I'll wear Bright Night, rather than on its own. But O-M-G--look at how amazing it looks over Jealous Type--that deep blue over the kelly green is a  gorgeous pairing.  I can see myself wearing this combination over and over again, and using it as a basis for nail art. It's a complete win.

All of the Blackheart Beauty polishes sell for $5 on the Hot Topic site, and they have a very reasonable shipping charge, particularly if you maximize it by buying several polishes. They have also started carrying other polishes, including some NYX polishes exclusive to their site, some magnetic polishes and some intriguing polishes called 'Manic Panic'.

Hope these swatches help you decide if these are for you! Thanks for reading. :)


(the products in this post were provided by Hot Topic. This did not impact the opinions, which are honest and are my own.)


  1. That original nail polish on a skull, I love

  2. Awesome! Totally awesome!
    I *love* skulls, and I *want* some of these, but they don't ship overseas!!!!! :´(

    1. You're in a polish/stamping group, right? Ask if anyone wants to do a swap. :)

  3. All beutiful polishes, I love the bottles too!

    1. The bottles seal the deal for me, lol. I love the polish, but the bottles just give it that extra awesomeness...:)

  4. What AWEESOME bottles! Wow! Beats the nfu-oh ones

    1. Ah, yes, those are also awesome bottles. if we could just get some skulls/skeletons in corsets, we'd be set! I would buy those bottles, without! :)

  5. I love the colors, but I though I should probably let you know that these polishes have lead in them :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks for letting me know about this. I checked it out, and there is a warning for these that they contain lead, and that this could be dangerous for people who bite their nails or put their fingers in their mouths. I'll update all of my Blackheart Beauty reviews to include this important information.


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