Friday, June 8, 2012

NOTD: hot Hot HOT gradient!


The challenge for this Friday in my stamping group was to use hot Hot HOT colors in combination! So of course I did a gradient since I've been trying to learn this case, with colors reminiscent of flames:

Afternoon sunlight

Midday sunlight

I started with a base of Sun Worshipper over a coat of ridge filler (I figured instead of white polish, this would kill two birds with one stone, and it worked, so this is an alternative for neons). I have to admit...I hate this color. I've tried to use it a few ways now, and this is the only way I can wear it--when I cover it up with other polish. The formula on it is horrible, and the color makes my hands look dirty. It's the only polish I actually regret buying...but I do like how it worked with this gradient manicure, so I think maybe I need to open my mind to alternative possibilities with it.

Next I did a sponging gradient with Sun Worshipper, Yee-Haw, and Radiant Rust (all by China Glaze). It was/is pretty, but I felt it needed a flash of something more to make it really HOT--so I stamped a flame using MASH plate 48 and Konad red stamping polish. Seche Vite finished it up.

You might wonder why I put the stamp on the middle finger and not the ring finger. I could pretend to be all counter-culture, raging against the 'Man' that says the accent finger should be the ring finger--but sadly I am not that cool. The truth is, I had a split, and it started to separate. So, I put the stamp over it to hide the line. It worked perfectly, you couldn't see it even IRL unless you looked really closely! :)

I'm definitely still mastering this technique--it certainly could be better. I'll keep at it, but I do think this one is sassy and fun. :)

Thanks for looking, and please check out the other ladies who participated below!



  1. You say that you are still learning but your gradient is perfect :) Love the flame too xx

    1. That is very kind of you to say! When I look at it all I see are the parts where the gradient isn't smooth or I missed a bit...>.< Thanks for boosting my confidence! :)

  2. this is really really hot :D you're on fire! pretty cool!

  3. This is fab, love the colours you've used :)

    1. Thanks! My first attempt had colors that were so similar you couldn't tell them apart..:/

  4. This looks fantastic!!!! GREAT JOB!

  5. Thanks Laurie! High praise from the gradient queen, for sure! I'm getting better with practice...Just finished my duochrome gradient with Just Spotted The Lizard and I love how it came out. :)


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