Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NOTD: Ice Cream FAIL


Today the theme in my Summer Challenge is Ice Cream Sundae. I had what I thought was a good idea for this, and was looking forward to doing it. I thought I had it covered, so I didn't worry about starting it early, and did some other things day before yesterday (you know, like chores and work and stuff?! Where have my priorities gone...sigh...), and left this until late.

My idea was to make my nails look like a bowl of chocolate ice cream with whipped cream on top, with a little cherry twist. I started with a base of Orly's Buried Alive for the brown 'chocolate', and then  put Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On over the tips, to look like whipped cream. I covered it in topcoat, waited a few minutes and headed to bed, with beautiful white-tipped nails.

When I woke in the morning, the white had turned to a beige color. At first I thought, okay, well, homemade whipped cream has a beigey look to it, no problem. Then, as the morning went on, it turned to a banana yellow. I knew I wasn't going to have time to redo the mani, so I figured I'd better stamp it and finish it up before it turned safety-cone orange. So I stamped (using Mash 45 and Konad red), and snapped, and when looking through my pictures realized I had an over-exposed one that made the nails look almost white again. Here it is, along with a color-accurate version:

Closer to what I wanted them to look like (if the stamping had been better)

What they actually look like

Then, to top the whole thing off, I realized the stamping on the ring finger looked janky at best, and the stamping on the middle finger could have been better placed. Plus, the gorgeous brown just looks dark and washed out. *sigh*

I could have just started over, but it's right on that line between something that is totally embarrassing and something that's almost okay...and I had a lot on my plate, so I figured I'd post it as a cautionary tale to warn others that sometimes the polish you put underneath something will bleed up into it! So if you need that to not happen for some reason, you might want to test the polishes together beforehand.

It's not quite what I had envisioned, but I do think it has a sort of FAIL cuteness about it. :)

Thanks for looking! And don't forget to check out the other bloggers who participated, shown below.



  1. Lol. I was picturing you realizing you´ve got a mutant nail polish on! =)
    I like the final result tho! Cute!

  2. Awwww I like it. That sucks that the color morphed on you, but I think the end result is pretty cool.

  3. Thank you, that's very sweet of you! :)

  4. Do you think if you had put a top coat on top of the brown first it still would have bled into the white? Maybe on the next try that will help. I've even done that before stamping. Put a fast dry top coat on so I could stamp sooner. Cause I'm impatient. Lol.

    1. I think there is a good possibility that it might help. I think it also might make a difference which topcoat you use, too. Another good reason to put on a topcoat before you stamp is that way you can remove your stamping if you mess up, without taking off the polish below! I got that tip from Plasmaspeedo and it has saved me much anguish, lol!


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