Sunday, June 10, 2012

NOTD: Hot Hot Hot colors + Hot Hot dots!


I've been dying to use a new pride of my polish collection, Essie's Love, Beverly Hills. Since my group's sunday challenge this week was to use Hot Hot Hot colors, I figured this was the perfect time! Love, Beverly Hills is a striking red with a gold shimmer to it that gives it a glow (the second picture gets the color most right)--because it contains actual gold. What girl can resist the lure of nail polish with actual gold in it?

I decided to pair it with Hits' Flamenco, a red jelly with red and orange flakies. Seriously--if there are any polishes out there HOTTER than these, I want to know about it! (so I can buy them and wear them and stroke them and love them and kiss them).

Unfortunately for some reason, throughout this post, you will see I had tremendous difficulty photographing these colors. I don't know if it's the LBH, the combination, the interaction with the top coat, or the light that day...but I ask you to look past the sub-par pictures I have for you today. :(

Here is LBH as a base with Flamenco on my ring finger. You can see the gold Shimmer in the bottle, but you have to look close to see it on the nails in these pics (not IRL, though): 

Essie's Love, Beverly Hills + Hits Flamenco

However, as HOT as this, is, it didn't seem quite HOT enough for a HOT HOT HOT challenge. So I decided to add some dots to HOTTEN it up a bit, using China Glaze's Champagne Bubbles, and Sinful Colors' Tapping Nails and Serena & Chloe. Unfortunately, because of the issue taking pictures of this, I wasn't able to get a picture that showed all three elements of the mani together well...sigh. So, here are three pictures that show each element:

Shade picture that shows the design the best
That above picture makes my index nail look like it's the size of a house! Yikes! Everybody run and hide from the gigantic Nailzilla!!! Save your children!!!!!

Direct Sunlight that shows the real color and gold shimmer in the LBH most effectively

Shade picture that shows the Flamenco a bit...but still only a bit >.<

IRL, you can see all aspects at once. The gold shimmer makes the polish look velvety, the Flamenco flakies give a little texture, and the dots are just fun. Sorry that you have to kind of use your imagination and combine the three...!

Thanks for looking. :)



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! You know what I just realized though? It doesn't involve stamping, lol. A challenge mani for a stamping group with no stamping...>.<

    2. Lol but I do love this very pretty color.

  2. What a beautiful color! Love it =)

    1. I wish you could see it in real life, soooo pretty with the gold shimmer :)


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