Monday, April 30, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetics (UPDATED)


[UPDATE: Karen found a display of these with the actual bottles finally!  You can see that display here. I saw these for myself for the first time today at my local CVS. Of course I didn't have my camera or cell phone with me! The colors are a little more jewel-toned than the China Glaze and Color Club magnetics I have, but they aren't different enough for me to buy them considering what I already own.]

I got a coupon booklet from Target today, and was surprised to find a $1 off coupon for Sally Hansen magnetic polishes. I did not know they existed, and as of the last time I went to Target last week, I didn't see any there! So I did some looking and found some information about them from According to that site, which you can see here, there will be 8 colors: Polar Purple, Red-y Response, Ionic Indigo, Electric Emerald, Golden Conduct, Kinetic Copper, Silver Elements, and Graphite Gravity. The owner of the blog, Karen, has also very kindly allowed me to borrow her picture, so I'm adding it here (Thank you Karen!):

And me with only one coupon! Grrrrrrrrr............

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  1. Hi Mishka, it's fine if you want to grab a copy of use my photo of the flyer and use it, since I know you know to credit it. :)


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