Tips, Techniques, and Tutorials


Here's a list of my nail art tips, techniques, and tutorials. If there is anything you'd like to see me do a post or tutorial on, let me know! Many of these have video reviews on my YouTube channel, here.

And because you gotta have stuff to work with, here is my post for finding bargains on polish, and another one with reader tips for finding bargains on polish (including international tips)!

Nail stamping basics:

Nail stamping 102: Stamping basics and a bit beyond: If you're new to stamping or have found it difficult, check out this post. If it doesn't help, let me know what you're having problems with, and I'll try to help you with it. :)

Which stamper should I use?: Comparison of the basic stamper types, with the plusses and minuses of each.

How to isolate part of a stamped image (full post)Don't want the entire image on your stamping plate? This will show you how to isolate just a part of it.
How to isolate part of a stamped image (pin-able):

Multi-colored stamping: how to get more than one color onto your stamping plate image.

How to align stamped images where you want them on your nails

How-To-Use posts (Using 'collage' style stamping plates, with large images):

UberChic Beauty Sweet April

MoYou London Artist 02 and 04
MoYou London Artist 07
MoYou London Christmas 01
MoYou London Kitty 14
MoYou London Fairytale 10
MoYou London Fashionista 06
MoYou London Gothic 01
MoYou London Gothic 09
MoYou London Greek Mythology 01
MoYou London Greek Mythology 02
MoYou London Mother Nature 02
MoYou London Mother Nature 05
MoYou London Mother Nature 06
MoYou London Sci-Fi 07
MoYou London Tourist 20
MoYou London Tropical 07

Technique tutorials:

Shrinking stamping images: How to make large images smaller.

Stamping vertical lines over a gradient: Get those vertical designs aligned beautifully.

Stamping + Nail Foil technique: How to turn your stamped images into sparkly wonders. :)

How to lead-light over darker colors: Love the lead-lighting technique, but don't want to have to do it over light colors only? Check out this tutorial. :)

Homemade stamping nail-wraps (the decal technique): Looking for a good way to add a variety of colors or other touches to your stamping? Creating your own nail-wraps gives you a ton of flexibility in your stamping.

Distressed effect tutorial: How to get a distressed effect using the pattern of your choice.

Stamped French Manicure tutorial: Want to stamp on just that white part of your French manicure? Try this.

Dried flowers tutorial: Love those dried flowers but aren't sure how to work with them? Check this out.

Design Tutorials: 

Hawaiian flowers manicure: Bold flowers over a summer gradient (coming soon!)

Tutorial for my Stripes & Studs manicure: Sleek lines accented with little studs for a sassy, sexy look.

Tutorial for my Dia De Los Muertos manicure: Skulleletons and roses, baby!

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