Nail Plate Reviews

This page contains a list of the nail plate reviews I've done on the blog. In parentheses after the link, I've also put a ranking for how easy the plate/set is to use. Let me know if you have any questions.

To start off, here's the link to my YouTube channel; I have video reviews for all these plates there as well, organized by playlist.

Some plates are hard to measure because of the type of images they contain. For the rest, please refer to these nail comparison charts.

Born Pretty Store
BPS 03-09 (Easy to advanced)
BPS 04 (Intermediate)
BPS 06 (Advanced)
BPS 07 (Intermediate)
BPS 59 (Easy)
BPS L016 (Easy)
BPS L014, L019 (Easy)

Bundle Monster
Bundle Monster Secret Garden 700 Series (Intermediate)
Bundle Monster Sun-Kissed collection (Easy)
Bundle Monster Create-Your-Own collection (Intermediate)
Bundle Monster Holiday Collection (Intermediate)
Bundle Monster 300 series (Easy)

Bunny Nails
BuNa-A and BuNa-B (easy-to-intermediate)
Year-round holidays HD-A (easy-to-intermediate)
Year-round holidays HD-B (easy-to-intermediate)
Halloween plates HD-C and HD-D (easy-to-intermediate)
Winter holidays HD-E and HD-F (easy-to-intermediate)
BuNa-C, BuNa-D, BuNa-E, and BuNa-F (easy-to-intermediate)

Cheeky jumbo plate 01: Viva Mexico (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 02: Tropical Dreams (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 03: European Romance (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 04: Top Of The Class (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 05: Musical nails (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 06: Happy Holidays (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 07: Home Sweet Home (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 08: Princess Charming (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 09: Wild At Heart (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 10: Happy Nails (Easy)
Cheeky Summer 2012 plates (Easy)
Gals Fairy set (Easy)

Cisi & Sisi
Jumbo Set 3 (yellow set) (top half=intermediate, bottom half=easy)
Jumbo Set 4 (red set) (top half=intermediate, bottom half=easy)

Drikk plate Drk-A (Easy)
Drikk plate Drk-C (Easy)

It Girl Nail Art
Fashion Plates 101-103 (Easy)

Mash plates 51-75 (Easy)
Mash plates 26-50 (Easy)

Messy Mansion
Messy Mansion 18, 28, 34, 37, 43 (Easy)

MoYou London
Artist 02 & 04 (Easy, Intermediate)
Artist 03 (Easy)
Artist 07 (Advanced) 
Back to the future 50s 01 (Easy)
Christmas/Holiday 01 (Advanced)
Comics 01 (Advanced)
Comics 03 (Advanced)
Cookbook 03 (Intermediate)
Cookbook 04 (compared with 03; Easy)
Explorer 02 &17 comparison of XL vs. Regular-sized plates (Easy)
Explorer 07 & 21 comparison of XL vs. Regular-sized plates (Easy) 
Explorer 13 (Easy)
Fairytale 10 (Easy to Intermediate)
Fashionista 06 (Advanced)
Festive 16 (Easy)
Frenchy 05 (Advanced)
Games 01 and 02 (Intermediate)
Geek 05 & 06 (Easy)
Gothic 01 (Advanced)
Gothic 02 (Easy)
Gothic 04 (Easy)
Gothic 07 (Easy to intermediate)
Gothic 09 (Intermediate to advanced)
Gothic 10 (Advanced)
Greek Mythology 01
Greek Mythology 02
Kaleidoscope 04 (Easy)
Kaleidoscope 06 (Easy)
Kitty 12 & 13 comparison of XL vs. Regular-sized plates (Easy to intermediate)
Kitty 14 (Intermediate)
Landscape/Mother Nature 02
Landscape/Mother Nature 05
Landscape/Mother Nature 06
Pro 16 (Easy)
Punk 07 (Easy)
Rebel 02 (Easy)
Scholar 02 & 06 (Easy & intermediate)
Sci-Fi 07 (Intermediate to advanced)
Suki 02 (Easy)
Suki 10 (intermediate)
Time Traveler 01 (Easy)
Tourist 20 (Easy to intermediate)
Tropical 07 (Intermediate)

My Online Shop
My Online Shop JR-35

Pueen Stamping Buffet Set
Pueen Love Elements (Easy)
Pueen first generation (1-25) (Easy)

UberChic Beauty
Collection 3 (Easy)
Collection 4 (Easy)
Collection 5 (Easy)
UberChic Beauty Fairytale 01 (Easy)
UberChic Beauty Halloween (Easy)
UberChic Beauty Sugar Skulls (Intermediate to Advanced)
UberChic Beauty Sweet April (Advanced)
UberChic Beauty The Far East 01 (Easy to Intermediate)
UberChic Beauty Zombie Love (Easy)

Winstonia third generation plates (300 series; easy to intermediate)
Winstonia second generation plates (200 series; Easy)
Winstonia first generation plates (100 series; Easy)

Konad m91
LeaLac A
LeaLac B
QA 15, 21, 22, 26, 30

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