Stamping Polishes & Tools I Love

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Lantern & Wren's Seriously Slim Stamper
Lantern & Wren's Clear Stamper (I use this more than any other stamper :) )
UberChic Beauty's XL clear stamper
Messy Mansion Crystal stamper 2.0 (clear barrel + lid!)
Stamper comparison #1
Stamper comparison #2

Excellent Stamping Polishes

Hit The Bottle stamping polishes (All that I've tried have been good; also available from Beautometry and Lantern & Wren)

Messy Mansion
Soft Gold

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
Co-Bolt Blue
Coco A-go-go
Poison Ivy
Red-io Active


  1. Thank you!! I would LOVE to buy Barry M polishes! And suggestions for getting them here in the states??

  2. I got some of mine through Ninja Polish (now defunct) and some through swaps...maybe try Harlow & Co.?

  3. Thank you so much for your help with stamping. I've never stamped before and am most decidedly artisically challenged. I've read multiple articles you've written and watched several videos. I've found them very helpful! I have figured out that which stamper you like depends on me and the stamper, what's my favorite won't be yours. I'm hoping you can recommend one for me to start with. I do have a Messy Mansion Carbon coming, but kind of like the idea of a clear one so I can place smaller images where I want. I was told that the clear ones can be tricky to use and maybe not for beginners, which is why I got the Messy Mansion Carbon. Of the ones you have listed as your favorites, do you have one you would consider the easiest? If it matters, I do not have long nail beds or long nails (wish I had long nail beds.). I also don't have a nice arch from nail bed to tip but some have a really annoying strong C curve (at least looks strong to me but maybe that's because only,several do so I'm comparing them.) To me, pressing down seems easier than rolling. That is what I liked about the MM Carbon. They had a video that showed her pressing her nail and holding it to the stamper for 10-15 seconds. What is going to matter to me is that if the image is supposed to cover the whole nail (not solid of course), I'm going to want it to cover. I won't like gaps. The UberChic XL Clear Stamping one sounds good, but so does the Messy Mansion Crystal Stamper 2.0. Of course, I have no idea of the difference between 2.0 and 1.0. Anyway, I'd be grateful for any help you can give. I'm sure I'm being very confusing as I jam now feeling very confused about the whole subject. The more information I get, the more confused I seem to get.

    1. If you've got the Messy Mansion Carbon coming, you should be in good shape--it has a sticky head and yes, you can press down. After you play with that a while and get used to it, then try out a clear stamper--they can definitely be more finicky!! :) <3

  4. Thank you for the list. Nice vlog :)


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