Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review + Before & After: Jamberry Cardinal

(Jamberry Cardinal was sent for my honest review.)


Recently I was contacted by a representative from Jamberry, who told me that just a few weeks ago, Jamberry debuted a line of 12 polishes that coordinate with their nail wraps, along with topcoat in three finishes. This is really exciting for me, because when I play with nail wraps, I like the idea of being able to get an extra manicure or two out of them, and having the flexibility to combine them with coordinating nail polish is an incredibly fun idea with tons of possibilities. Plus, the rep's name is Michelle, so I couldn't have said not if I wanted to! Kidding of course. :)

Because of my obsession with red, I chose to review Cardinal, the red creme in their line. Her is the shiny beauty:

Jamberry Cardinal, 2 coats, artificial light


Cardinal is a stunning fire-engine red creme that glides on like a dream. The formula is gorgeous, and application was perfect. No pooling, not to thick, perfect in every way. You do want to be sure you wear a basecoat because when I did clean-up, I saw a little tendency toward staining, but that's the case with most reds like this, nothing strange here. I did let the first coat dry on its own before applying the second, and it dried quickly and with a very shiny finish--you don't need topcoat with this one if you don't want it, but I am wearing it here. So with respect to my review of this polish, I think this is definitely a viable equivalent for your better-than-average prestige polishes. If the other polishes in the line are like this, these will be an enormous success. You can find these, along with their impressive selection of nail wraps, by clicking here.

I wanted to keep wearing this and also wanted a bit of fall nail art, so I decided to use her as a base for a thankgiving-centerpiece sort of look I wanted to try out. For my second step, I taped off half of each nail and put on a layer of Nail'd It Fall flowers, a gold-based polish with yellow, orange, and green hex glitters. I stamped over the nail with China Glaze Passion and my Gals plates. Finally, I finished up with some dots of Kleancolor Metallic Orange to pull the look of the glitter in the polish up onto the gold stamping, to unite the two:

I wanted to throw something full of color and pattern at this base, to see if the pretty red could stand up to all of that competition. It didn't wash out or recede into the background--it absolutely held its own. So, I'm pretty darn sure that any sort of nail art combination you wanted to do with the nail wraps and anything else will come out looking good. :)

I will be back sometime in the next few days I'll also be reviewing the Jamberry matte finish topcoat...spoiler alert, I love it (that sounded a bit Gossip Girl, now didn't it...), so if you're looking for a good matte topcoat, check back for that. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love,

(Jamberry Cardinal was sent for my honest review.)


  1. likey! I'm not a big red fan, but I do love a polish that looks that good. <3

  2. Oh yay! I'm a Jamberry consultant myself and I've enjoyed the lacquer, but I have very little experience with other brands of polishes or lacquers, so it's great to hear a good review from an expert!!!!!!!!

    1. That's so cool! I really loved the polish, it's top-notch. You have a great product! :)


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