Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Before & After: Chita Cheetah?

Hey there!

Yesterday the theme in The Glittah Pirates Neverending Pile Challenge was texture...and I am going to plead 'better late than never' and show you my untried texture polish mani today. :)

I started with Zoya Chita, a deep moss green textured polish full of the Pixie Dust magic:

Zoya Chita

Zoya Chita

I did use this as an accent in a piece of nail art, but I've never worn it as a base polish, so I'm gonna count it, darn it!

I wanted to play a little with dots and gradients, so I took some tape and did a fade gradient on the side of each nail, using Barry M Silver Foil. Then I put dots of Julep Courteney on the one side, and dots of the Chita herself on the silver side:

I've decided this is a sort of 1980's stylized cheetah look, the kind of hotel artwork you would have found back in the day, and I LOVE IT! So take that! The 80s are cool, I don't care what you say!!

Take a look at the lovely textureds below...And I hope you're having a great week. :)


  1. That's a pretty green texture. I like the nail art too.

  2. This is so beautiful, Michelle! I love that green.

    1. This is one of my top favorite polishes. I love the Zoya pixie dusts in general--easy to apply, one coaters mostly, easy to remove, just a little bit of sparkle--and this shade of green is so beautiful. :)


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