Monday, May 19, 2014

Before & After: Foxy Ferns

(Nothing to disclose, products from personal collection)


Just a quick post today to show you a beautiful polish and a fun technique. :)

Here is Mentality Foxy, a raisiny-brown  polish with an stunning blue-green shimmer:

Mentality Foxy

Mentality Foxy

The shimmer in this is defies reason--depending on the light, it almost looks like a second polish has drifted to the top. :)

One of the reasons I bought this polish is from Mentality's 'stampers' line, polishes that are designed to stamp well (and it does). I've been wanting to try an idea I had that involves putting a textured saran-wrap effect over a base polish, and then stamping over it in the same color, for a subtle, layered effect.

On top of the base polish, I used saran-wrap to apply dabs of Enchanted Polish Hey Jude and Sally Hansen Chartreuse Chase. Then I stamped over that with Mentality Foxy on three nails, and with Sally Hansen Coco A-Go-Go on my accent nail, using MoYou London's Artist Collection plate 04:

Foxy Ferns

On the non-accent nails, depending how the light hits this, you get the blue flash from the Mentality polish, or the leaves shine through. It's sort of like an optical illusion that peeps out now and again. :)

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

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