Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dupe or No Dupe: Zoya Janel vs. Zoya Rekha

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When I was digging through my box for Zoya comparisons to do with the Focus & Flair collections, I came across another deep red Zoya creme that looked kinda similar to Zoya Janel, so I decided to better do a cop post...

Take a look at Zoya Janel (from the Focus collection; see my full review here) vs. Zoya Rekha:

Zoya Janel vs. Rekha

Zoya Janel vs. Rekha

So what's the verdict--dupe or not dupe? Wow, is this one can barely tell in the first photo, but in the second one you can see it's a no dupe by a nose. Rekha is a teeeeny bit lighter and a big warmer. In some lights this difference was very hard to see, in others it was clearer--but in either case, these are pretty darn close.

So do you need both, and which one should you buy? Far be it from me to get in the way of an addiction, but I'd say no, you probably don't need both. If warmer tones look better on you, go for Rekha. If you prefer a cooler feel, get Janel. Either way, take that money you saved and spend it on a different Zoya beauty, there's plenty to choose from.

Happy polishing!


  1. they are so close in comparison, definitely not worth having both.
    great post!

  2. Great red. Very helpful to see them compared too.


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