Friday, October 16, 2015

Review and How-to-use: MoYou London Gothic 07

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The next theme in the Crumpet Nail Tarts challenge is "Geek". I'm many different flavor of geek; in fact, many of my friends would call me a nail art geek! But I happen to be embracing my steampunk geek this halloween, so I decided I needed to go with that particular flavor for this post.

I have several awesome steampunky plates, including one I haven't showed you before: MoYou London Gothic 07, which is a beautiful blend of Halloween and Steampunk chic.

Of course I made a video:

Here are the stills:

MoYou London Gothic 07

MoYou London Gothic 07

MoYou London Gothic 07

There's so much I love about this plate...the clock swirl is amazeballs and the chandelier is awesome and the winged key with the lock is adorable. But the best, the most awesomest, the coolest of the cool, is the mechanical bat--seriously, how cool is he?? But...he's too big to get him on your nail just as is, so I'm gonna try shrinking him and see how that goes.

How big are the images? They're all different sizes, but this should give you a basic idea: 

MoYou London Gothic 07 vs. Konad

Okay, so for steampunk geek chic mani, I started with a skittle of Zoya Channing (a rust orange shimmer) and Orly Iron Butterfly, a flecked pewter matte.

Next, I shrunk down the mechanical bat and did a little reversed-stamping on it; I filled in the wings with Orly Iron Butterfly.

I also used reversed-stamping on images of the lady's lovely face and hair, and her hat; I wanted to keep her face big but have the hat fit into the image, so I isolated out the hat and decorated it separately, then placed it down lower onto her head. To color the flowers of her hair I used Zoya Dree and Zoya Aggie; I used Zoya Cinnamon for the hat.

Finally, I stamped gears and the clock swirl on with Barry M Silver Foil

Here's how it turned out:

Steampunk geek chic

Steampunk geek chic

Steampunk geek chic

Can I gush a little about how much I love this mani!? The had didn't come out quite right, I should have done two coats of polish to make sure the base polish didn't show through. But other than that, I am sooo proud of it--the bat shank down perfectly to fit on my nail, I love the rakish angle of the hat farther down on her head, and the gears and colors all have a vintage Victorian feel perfect for steampunk. It broke my heart to take this beauty off. *sigh*

What do you think? Steampunky or no?

You can find this plate on MoYou London's website; while you're there, check out the new steampunk collection. Can't wait to get my hands on some of those goodies!

Happy stamping!


  1. Yes...those gears!! <3 Okay so I've got to get this one. We were doing Steampunk theme for our Halloween party this year, but life sort of happened and it left everybody super tired and in a funk so we cancelled the party. Hopefully I'll be breaking out my top hat and hot air balloon next year. :)

  2. Your stamping skills are on point! I love this so much so I must have this plate now :) You really did an amazing mani!

  3. Your stamping skills are on point! I love this so much so I must have this plate now :) You really did an amazing mani!


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