Friday, February 2, 2018

New Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Polishes, Part 3: Do They Stamp?

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Thank goodness I'm almost over my cold--this one hit hard, and I'm so glad to see the end of it! So let's take a look at how those Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes stamp! (If you're interested in how they look on the nail, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my review.)

Sally Hansen's new Insta-Dri Polish releases

For a complete look at formula, how they do when I scrape, etc., take a look at the video review I did:

(If you just want to see the final results, skip to 7:55 in the video--there's a direct link there in the description box.)

Here's a closer look at all of the polishes stamped over black and white, and topcoated:

Sally Hansen's new Insta-Dri Polish--stamping test!
From left to right we have: Silver Stallion, Thyme is Money, Petal to the Metal, Racing rose, Heather Hustle Buff And Tumble, Champagne Supernova, and White on Time.

Sally Hansen's new Insta-Dri Polish--stamping test!

From left to right: Midnight Drive, Just in Wine, Let's Jam, Va-Va Violet, Slick Slate, Taupe to Go, Watermelon Wizz, and Peach Buzz

Okay, so first of all, none of these smudged even a little when I topcoated them (with Seche Vite), so that's excellent.

There were several polishes that stamped beautifully over both black and white. White on Time, Taupe to Go, Thyme is Money, Let's Jam, Watermelon Wizz, Peach Buzz, Silver Stallion, and Petal to the Metal are all absolute winners and worth your money for sure.

Next up, there were several that stamped vibrantly over white, but didn't show up so well over black. Va-Va Violet and Slick Slate did show up a bit, but the effects were subtle--so that suggests to me that the polish will stamp well over light and medium polishes, but might not give the effect you want over darker polishes. Midnight Drive and Just in Wine have a jelly-like formula, and neither of them showed well over black--but wow, they're super-gorgeous over white.

The rest gave fairly mediocre results. The best here was Buff and Tumble, which showed well over white, and did show over black, but wasn't fully opaque. In my opinion, tan stamping polishes that work well are rare, so for me, this is worth the investment--I'll get a lot of use out of this over white. Champagne Supernova, Racing Rose, and Heather Hustle showed slightly over white, so they might work for subtle stamping, and while they showed up over black, the color wasn't fully true to the in-bottle shade. I personally would give these a pass for stamping, but do love them just for polishing and as a base for nail art.

One final point. A reader asked me if, since these are fast-drying polishes, you have to work more quickly when you stamp with them. Excellent question! You'd think so, but the answer is no. While these do dry faster on the nail, I actually find them really pleasant to work with when I'm stamping, so much so that I tend to do all of swatching in my nail plate reviews with my Sally Hansens. I guess they are the perfect balance of drying faster than normal polishes, but not so fast they interfere with stamping.

So what's my final verdict? Like most Sally Hansen Insta-Dris, the majority of these gave gorgeous results over light or dark polish, or both. So for stamping purposes, I'd for sure grab White on Time, Taupe to Go, Thyme is Money, Let's Jam, Watermelon Wizz, Peach Buzz, Silver Sallion, Petal to the Metal, Buff and Tumble, Midnight Drive, and Just in Wine. I'd pass on Champagne Supernova, Racing Rose, and Heather Hustle, at least for stamping, unless you're looking for a more subtle effect. However, I love those colors both to wear and to use as a base for nail art, so I'll be using them a lot for those reasons. :)

You can find Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes on their website, and anywhere you find Sally Hansen products (drugstores, Target, etc.,), as well as on Amazon.

Happy stamping!
M. xoxo


  1. Thanks so much for this post! I picked a few of these up recently and was wondering about their stamping potential. You've saved me the work of swatch-stamping!

  2. Really thought these would require extra special stamping skills to work with. That's some high praise for this brand/collection if you use them in all your reviews. :)

    1. They deserve it. This is such a go-to brand for me. :)

  3. Is White On Time opaque enough that you could do one coat and be good to layer a neon polish on top?

    1. It covers in 1-2 coats depending on how smooth your nails are. :)


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