Thursday, October 31, 2013

Before & After: My Halloween Mani


I can't believe it's Halloween already! I have two other manicures to show you that I didn't get to show you and I'm out of time! Oh well...maybe I'll post one later today, or maybe I'll just save them for next year. I have had so much fun doing manis for my challenges, and the funny thing is, I have ideas for about 10 more manis that I didn't get to...that's okay, soon enough it will be Christmas time, and I'll be happily immersed into that. :)

But for now, here is the actual manicure I will be wearing as part of my costume today. During my spooktacular tag, I told you I was planning on building a costume around this make-up (if you follow me on instagram, you will have seen my dry run of the make-up):

I am wearing a gothic dress with this, along with gothic jewelry, in an attempt to look like an old-fasioned doll. :)

For my nails, I started with a base of Julep Winter, which happily just came in my November Julep box (never had one come that fast!!). Winter is a light gray creme, and I've been needing one like this: 

Julep Winter, two coats, artificial light

Next, I drew stitched lines to match the ones on the costume's mouth; I drew them on with one of the MASH nail art pens they sent me for review a while back--I loved them then and I love them now. I freehanded some blood with acrylic paint; I wanted it to look like it was coming from my cuticles, so I put it right on up in the cuticles. The effect works in real life, but it looks a bit messy here:

I think the idea is that the doll either has some sort of horrid virus that is taking over her body and killing her, or she was killed in an unpleasant way and is coming back for revenge. What do you think, creepy??

Thanks for looking, and Happy Halloween!!!!!!


  1. Great mani! I'd love to see the costume! :)

    1. Ugh, I hate myself in pictures...but since you asked, I posted some in an album on my Facebook page: . Don't laugh too hard! :)

  2. Muy guapa la manicura, happy halloween!

  3. Yep! You have to post pics of your costume. Please?

    1. I'd only do something like this for you guys, can find them in an album on the FB page: ...don't you dare make fun!!!

  4. Awesome!! :D Have a happy Hallowe'en! :D


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