Monday, October 7, 2013

Before & After: OMG, They Killed Kenny!!


This month's theme in the Nail Challenge Collaborative is, oddly enough, Halloween! That's right, just one more excuse for me to bask in my love of all things Halloween. =)

Today I have a very simple mani for you that was inspired by another amazing Lucky 13 polish, which just so happens to be the partner of the last one I showed you (Fool Of A Took). These polishes are part of her 'The Fellowship' collection, and represent the mischevious pair of hobbits, Pippin and Merry. I love that she made a complementary pair of polishes for these two, and I love how beautiful each are on their own merits.

Today I used Merry's polish as my base, Lucky 13 But I Want To Fight!. This is a medium-dark blue-leaning purple crelly with stunning holographic green glitters that make the light dance across your fingers:

Pictures cannot show how pretty this polish is when  you waggle your's like crushed gems embedded in your polish. ::sighs happily::

Ahem. On to the nail art.

I thought this would make a beautiful Halloween night sky, and wanted to use it as a backdrop, and let it shine through. I free-handed a moon on the ring finger with Pure Ice Silver Mercedes, and then stamped over that with Bunny Nails HD03 and Konad black:

Seasons don't fear the reaper

Nor do the wind, the sun, or the rain

Let's face it, nobody likes the grim reaper. But this one is just a little bit adorable, don't you think!? And don't tell anybody, but Bunny Nails has another set of holiday plates coming out that focus purely on Halloween--you can find details on her Facebook page if you're interested. They are awesome. :)

Thanks for checking out my post, and don't forget to check out the ones linked below! :)



  1. That lil reaper is too cute to be likey!

  2. That polish... !!! I'm speechless!

    And yeah, haha, that reaper looks too cute to be actually scary - poor guy! :D

    1. I know, right? You see why she's in my hall of fame...:)

  3. Soooo cute! Wish I had this in my stash right now for a gravestone mani! Just one more to the wish list.

    1. This would be perfect for that! Great idea. :)


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