Friday, October 11, 2013

Review: Pueen Love Elements

(Purchased by me; affiliate links)


Ah...there's nothing like new nail plates. New designs...the clinkety-clink of the plates as you flip through them...endless possibilities.

Today I'm going to review the Pueen Love Elements set. These released a while back, and many of the people who were thinking about buying them have probably already done so. However, if you're like me, you may have looked at these plates, and made a quick decision against them. When they first came out, there were some other sets that had just come out, and after a few quick glances at them, I figured I could pass on the 'Love' theme with the plethora of hearts. I am not a hearts kind of girl, truth be told. I mean, a heart here and there is okay, but let's not get crazy.

But I was wrong.

I returned to the plates a few times, and gave them a closer look. And I realized that while there are definitely a lot of hearts here, these are an eclectic set of hearts, many of them with a twist, and some even with some edge. So I got the plates, and I love them; I'm hoping that this review introduces you to them if you hadn't heard of them before, or gives you a second look at them through new eyes if you have.

First up! My video review, presenting the plates accompanied by my own special patented soundtrack of rambles:

And then, of course, still shots of each plate. I have done a few manicures with these already, so I apologize in advance for a bit of scrapage--you can still see the images though. :)

Pueen 26: The two on the sides look like beaded curtains to me and I love that. :)

Pueen 27: Roses and hears in lace...with little swirly flourishes to boot. :)

Pueen 28: Ruffles and lace!

Pueen 29: Bows made of hearts. :)

Pueen 30: This is what I mean by edgy hearts. I love the Pop Art feel of these.

Pueen 31: These look like Mardi Gras beads to me, and I love that idea!

Pueen 32: Ruffle images that I think would make great templates for dotticures. :)

Pueen 33: There is not one image on this plate that I don't adore...

Pueen 34: Hearts, Spades, Diamonds...

Pueen 35: Even I have to admit these are not your grandmother's heart designs. 

Pueen 36: Snowflakes and bubbles! Also good for dotting practice. :)

Pueen 37: Love the Yellow Submarine type waves

Pueen 38: That sweater pattern image is so just the right amount of wrong :)

Pueen 39: And the girl who doesn't like hearts, flowers and butterflies has already used the heck out of this plate, lol

Pueen 40: That owl just makes me smile. :)

Pueen 41: These are heart designs that have some flair. I love the heart-linked-fence design and the scribble hearts

Pueen 42: That tree image rocks!

Pueen 43: Admittedly, this plate is mostly not my thing, but the heart-within-a-heart on the bottom left makes me think of a mother and child, and I love that.

Pueen 44: That star design on the upper left is all kinds of excellent!

Pueen 45: Every image on this plate has so many possibilities. :)

Pueen 46: The two on the sides are soooo unique. And that butterfly is so elegant. :)

Pueen 47: I love the scribbles! Another plate full of win.

Pueen 48: My fav on this plate is the one that looks like a chess board floating off into space...

Pueen 49: I love all of these, but the bottom center is just so intricate and pretty. :)

So what do I think of the set overall? Strange numbering aside (26 through 49? Really?) and once I got past my initial heart bias, I saw that there are a lot of unique, versatile images in this set, and it has already become one of my most used sets. I think this is definitely one of the more innovative sets I've seen.

The quality is top-notch. I've used a fair number of the plates now (although I haven't posted them all yet!), and I've had zero issues with the stamping. If you want to see the images in use, here are two of the manicures I've done:

Finally, what about size? Well, I'm going to use this opportunity to update the nail comparison chart that I have for you, one that Posh Nail Art has very generously allowed me to use on my blog--if you find it useful, please give her some love by visiting her blog:

As you can see, these plates (Pueen 2) have images a bit bigger than the standard Konad plates, so you should have a little more wiggle room in your stamping. :)

You can get your own set here.

I hope this has been helpful--thanks for reading. :)

Hugs and love,

(The plates reviewed in this post were purchased with my own money.)


  1. These plates look great, I adore the little case they come in! There are some great patterns here, I especially like the owl on plate #40

    1. I adore that owl...and it's funny, I thought I was going to remove the plates from that case because I put my plates in binders for ease of use (in baseball card holders), but it's such a cute little holder I just haven't been able to bring myself to switch them over!

  2. I have this set and love it to bits. I am currently rocking the linked dots from 45. Black over Barry M's Greenberry is amazing.

  3. Ohhhhh...I seriously need to stop looking at your plate reviews because you make me want this set now too!

    1. Okay, then, whatever you do, don't check back in a few days when I review the new Bundle Monster Create Your Own plates...:P

  4. I don't have many plates, but of the sets I have, these are my favorite! They do have some unique images. I have found, however, that I have had issues when stamping with non-stamping polishes. When I use stamping polishes they are the best plates with very clear images. Currently, I am wearing the flower/square pattern from plate #38. Thanks for the great review!

    1. I'm annoyed to hear that about the non-stamping polishes. Now I'm trying to remember back which polishes I used with them. And I love the fact that so many people are wearing these images right now as you're reading this!! :)

  5. That's it! I'm off to buy them, thanks for your review!! :)

  6. Ah, I love your video reviews :) always so entertaining ;)
    The plates have some interesting images, but I wouldn't go buying a whole set (with my lack of motivation for anything else than plain polishing...); though I just *love* those lacey images on #27 & the leafy/vine-y thingy on #33!

  7. Must resist sales pitch...aaargh! <3

    1. ROFL!! No sales pitch, I promise. No affiliation, not even a penny commission. Just spreading my addiction, lol...:)

  8. WOW, you may have convinced me to give stamping smother go with this set. I realllly like 26, 33, 35, and 44...and 46... I keep scrolling back up there and adding more <3

    1. Hee hee hee...Glad to be of service! I can't wait to see what you do with them. :)

  9. I love #37, the waves look amazing! Looks like a very fun set but it does seem like a LOT of hearts...

    1. That was one of the first images I had to use! Yes, there are definitely a lot of hearts, for sure...<3

      (see what I did there?? hee hee...Yes, I'm silly)


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