Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Bundle Monster Holiday Collection

(Purchased with my own money; affiliate links)


Fall has fallen and the beginning of the holidays is nearly upon us--I consider the Halloween season to be part of the holidays, so the party is on for me! In light of that, I thought this would be the perfect time to bring out my review of the Bundle Monster Holiday collection stamping plates. A good chunk of the plates will get you through Halloween, fall, Thanksgiving, winter, Christmas, New Year's Eve...and then right on into Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day...etc...etc...etc. :)

Of course you know I recorded a video of my very odd stream of consciousness while showing you the plates:

And here are stills of each plate, followed by a discussion of the collection:

Bundle Monster H01: Cutest reindeer ever

Bundle Monster H02: Love those umbrella trees :)

Bundle Monster H03: I already know what I'm doing with those middle ornaments :)

Bundle Monster H04: St. Patrick's Day and/or Oktoberfest comin' your way!

Bundle Monster H05: I love any sort of Celtic pattern, so I adore those bottom three 

Bundle Monster H06: Every image on this makes me squeal with joy, but those eyeballs take the cake...

Bundle Monster H07: I love that word one...who am I kidding, I love them all

Bundle Monster H08: And another one with all winners--LOVE IT

Bundle Monster H09: Those bunny ears are going to be so cute to work with, and I love dandelions

Bundle Monster H10: I love the egg pattern on this one

Bundle Monster H11: So glad they have a plate that is just for fall, and not only Halloween! And that wheat stalk image looks like the Scandinavian wheat bundles used to feed birds during the winter. :)

Bundle Monster H12: Thanksgiving and/or more fall. That basket weave has so many possibilities...

Bundle Monster H13: More Thanksgiving/fall. That cornucopia is awesome...sigh...

Bundle Monster H14: New Year's celebrations, also other types of celebrations

Bundle Monster H15: Chinese New Year!

Bundle Monster H16: Valentine's the little candy hearts. :)

Bundle Monster H17: All you need is love...

Bundle Monster H18: And one more Valentine's Day for good measure

Bundle Monster H19: They say it's your's my birthday too, yeah

Bundle Monster H20: How cool are those candles and that cake!!

Bundle Monster H21: Awww, baby shower!

Bundle Monster H22: Part wedding, part lace...Those love birds in that tree are one of my favorite images, ever.

Bundle Monster H23: Graduation celebration!

Bundle Monster H24: Cinco De Mayo. I adore the chili pepper image, and that sun at the bottom is so astrologically awesome

Bundle Monster H25: Fourth of July, but a couple could potentially be used for other things

I think Bundle Monster did a great job with this holiday collection. There are some interesting twists on the holidays they included (e.g., Chinese New Year and Cinco De Mayo haven't been represented in previous holiday collections I've owned), and even in with the 'standard' holiday plates, there are new takes on the images they've included. I really appreciate that the images can be used for both youthful and more adult manicures; Bundle Monster always does a good job straddling that line, I think. Also, the decision to include images that are more seasonal rather than just holiday-specific make this a set with something for everyone, I think.

These images are the same size as the Bundle Monster 300 series; for more information about that, please take a look at this size-comparison chart. The quality of the plates is top-notch. You won't have any issues with the stamping, so put those worries aside and just decide whether or not you can resist the awesome images. :)

Thanks for taking a look. Happy stamping!


  1. Oh fine! I had finally talked myself out of needing this set & now I have to have this set & it's all your falut! LOL <3

  2. These look like such fun plates! The dandelion one looks like it would be great :)

    1. I have been meaning to do a dandelion mani...need to do it soon. :)


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