Friday, September 13, 2013

Before & After: Pop Art (Betty Boop is watching you...)


Oh yes, that's right, I'm back again with another Llama Nails 'inspired by an artist' manicure! This week we're on the King of Pop Art: Andy Warhol.

I have to admit I did this ages ago because the idea kinda came to me and I knew this was coming...I was just that excited about this theme.

I started with a base of Julep Jackie, a very bright red crelly perfect for brightening up these final days of summer; this is actually a bit neon and brighter even than it looks here:

Julep Jackie, two coats, direct sunlight, blinders needed

Next, with my dotting tool I applied some kitschy pin-up polka-dots with Sally Hansen White On; well, the polka-dots themselves aren't kitschy, it's what I did with them that makes them so...I stamped a crazy Pop-Art eyeball on the accent finger, staring out of the field of polka-dots in what I hope looks like a Pop-Art exploration of the iconicity (is that a word?) of classic hollywood glamour:

I stamped that eye using Cheeky Jumbo plate 5, and Konad black; I then dotted in the green iris with China Glaze Starboard.

I love that it's a bit creepy...almost like the polka-dots enveloped her like The Blob and all that's left is one eye staring out...Maybe even an indictment of how Hollywood culture focuses so much attention on external beauty that our souls get lost in the depths of those superficial trappings...hmmm...nah, let's not go all deep and thinky, lol! (See what I did there? :P)

What do you think? Kitschy good, or kitschy bad??

Thanks for taking a look. Hugs, love, and lots of fun,


  1. I actually really like this! The polka dots over the red are awesome and very 50s. And the eyeball is pretty cool! I like how the green contrasts with the red.

    1. Thank you! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's quirky and fun, and I also like it a lot. ;-)

  2. Definitely kitschy good! Absolutely love this. LOVE it.

  3. It looks amazing! At first it seems all cute and nice (cute white dots on red, like a picnic, that sorta thing) but then the eyeball makes it so edgy and retro-ish! Kitschy good for sure!

    1. ROFL! It pulls you in being all sweet...and then--ahhhhhh it's staring back at me!!! heeheehee...:)


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