Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review: Barielle Nude & Naughty Fall 2013 Collection

(Products in this post were provided for my honest review.)


I'm back again with Barielle's second fall collection of 2013, their Nude & Naughty collection. :)

This collection is a little bit different; as the title implies, it's a collection of nude polishes that give you a variety of options for subtle fall looks. While nudes are useful any time of year, I think they're particularly suited for the earthy palettes you see in the fall. Of course, nudes are great for work-wear, and they also serve as an excellent base for nail art. And to top it off, this would be a great set for creating a stress-free ombre look. :)

The lightest polish in the collection is Very Bare, a soft off-white creme that's tinted ever so slightly with pink:

Barielle Very Bare, indirect sunlight, 3 coats

I've never had an off-white creme like this that I didn't struggle with to get smooth and even, and I did have a bit of a struggle with this one, too. I did have to do a little polish-whispering to get it to even out, but in the grand scheme of polishes like this, I've had much worse. I'm not sure what it is about white and off-white cremes!! With respect to the color, this pink is of the softest kind--it gives a pretty tone to the polish so you don't feel like you're wearing white-out, but it also doesn't feel like you're wearing a pink polish. It's a beautiful balance that would also be lovely for French manicures.

Slightly darker but still on the very light end of the set is Pillow Talk, a very light peach nude creme:

Barielle Pillow Talk, indirect sunlight, two coats

I absolutely adore this color, and I'm so glad to own it. This is a beautiful neutral for people who aren't partial to pinks, and I love how it looks with my skin. The formula was easier to work with--I had a little patching on the first coat, but it went right away on the second. This is another one that would be great for classic French manicures. :)

Taking one more step up...No Not Now is a creamy beige with a bit of light blueish-silver shimmer to it:

Barielle No Not Now, two coats, direct sunlight

This is another absolute perfect nude for my skin, and I also adore this one, too; sometimes a girl wants a little shimmy-shimmy-shimmer, even when she's wearing a nude, ya know? The formula on this was completely divine--not too thick, not too thin, applied like a dream and covered with two coats (although I did use three on one of my nails, which has a big white spot where I banged it that shows through almost everything). This would also be a good polish for glitter sammiches, too.

And now for my very favorite in this collection: I Got A Headache, which is a light golden caramel shimmer:

Barielle I Got A Headache, direct sunlight, two coats

Oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes! This looks like the soft, gooey, caramel center in the middle of a candy bar, or the smooth, yummy drizzle on a tres leches cake. Hmmm...maybe I should take a snack break...::ahem::...anyway, the application on this was a dream, it practically applied itself. No brushstrokes, no nothing--just perfection. This again is two coats, except for another damaged nail with a big white splotch on it, where I used three to be sure it would cover that anomaly in sunlight. :)

And finally, the darkest of the set, and one that was also in the first collection: In Good Taste. If you didn't see it before, here it is again--it's a raw umber type of brown creme:

Barielle In Good Taste, 3 coats, direct sunlight

I've already commented on this one, so I'll keep it short; I think this is a great color for a darker fall neutral, and a great final polish for this set. I did struggle with the formula a bit, although it's certainly possible to work with and get to apply nicely. I suggest being very sure that one coat is completely dry before putting on a second, for best results.

So my thoughts on the collection as a whole are--very positive. I think this set is a great basic for a polish wardrobe, similar to the LBD in an actual wardrobe. Especially for the working girl, this set will give you a choice of neutrals that will get you through all four seasons; for the nail art fanatic, these are blank slates waiting to be decorated or combined in almost any theme imaginable. And for the ombre lovers out there, this is a no-brainer ombre kit that will get you noticed in any gathering.

Also, in all of these shots, I'm using Barielle's topcoat, and I'll be reviewing that for you shortly. :)

I hope this has been a helpful review for you! Stay tuned over the next few days for some challenge nail art, and for the next induction into my Indie Hall Of Fame!

Big hugs,

(Products in this post were provided for my honest review.)


  1. The first one is sooo pretty and would work great as a nail art base indeed!

  2. No Not Now is your perfect nude, I had to look twice to see that you were still wearing polish. Like you said though, that little bit of shimmer makes it great!

    1. ROFL! I kept looking at it going, wow...did they have a swatch of my skin or something? :)

  3. They're all gorgeous, I'm so attracted to shades like Very Bare this year!

    1. I was surprised...if you have just told me 'nudes collection', I'd have just yawned. But these turned out to be really interesting and fun!

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