Monday, August 14, 2017

Sally Hansen Color Of The Moment: Orchid-ing Aside & Wild for Violet

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The next Sally Hansen Color of the Moment aside is out, and this one's all about purple, one of my favorite polish colors, and all about the Miracle Gel, which I really like when I need something that lasts a little longer:

Sally Hansen Wild for Violet and Orchid-ing Aside
Sally Hansen Wild for Violet and Orchid-ing Aside

Orchid-ing Aside is a soft lavender-orchid creme:

Sally Hansen Orchid-ing Aside
Sally Hansen Orchid-ing Aside

Application: I found this patchy on the first coat, but that mostly cleared up on the second.
Coverage: 2 coats.

This makes me think of Easter and wildflowers, soft and feminine.

Then there's Wild for Violet, a vampy red-leaning purple creme:

Sally Hansen Wild for Violet
Sally Hansen Wild for Violet 

Application: Good; a little patchy at first, but excellent coverage on the second coat.
Coverage: 2 coats.

If Orchid-ing Aside is soft and feminine, this one is bold and brash and sexy. Love.

Separately, both of these polishes are pretty, but together they're a fierce set for those of us who love nail art and want some purples that play well together. I've already shown you one manicure I did with Orchid-ing (you can see it here), and I have a couple more headed your way...stay tuned.

You can find these wherever Sally Hansen polishes are sold; for me, that means my local CVS or Walgreens. You can also find Sally Hansen polishes on Amazon if that's easier for you. And you can follow them around the interwebs here:



Happy polishing!
M. xoxo


  1. I've been seeing these colors on ig and loved them. Great to hear a review! So lovely!

  2. There two are such gorgeous colours. A darker one for the colder, sadder part of the year, and bright for, well, brighter part. Could totally (such a lie!) live off these two alone.
    You wear them so well.


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