Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Three new-to-me stamping polishes from Hit The Bottle

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Today we're going to take a look at a couple of Hit The Bottle Polish stamping polishes, in three beautifully complementary colors: Moonshine, Taupe-lessly Devoted and Make Mine a Mudslide. Here's the video review I did if you want to see me test them out in action:

Here are the lovelies all together:

Hit The Bottle Polish Taupe-lessly Devoted, Moonshine, and Make Mine a Mudslide

I tested the polishes out using a bicycle image from Moyra 33 Rivalda, over white and black:

Hit The Bottle Polish  Make Mine a Muslide, Taupe-lessly Devoted, Moonshine

All three of these polishes make me even happier than I normally am with Hit The Bottle polishes. As always, the quality is amazing, the polishes are opaque even over dark colors, and there's no smudging whatsoever, even though I topcoated about two minutes after stamping. But I love each of these colors specifically, as well. Moonshine is a pearly white with a hint of silver--sometimes I don't want a stark white creme but I also don't want a full-on silver, and this polish is perfect--AND it shows perfectly over white! I've also struggled to find a taupe I like even over white, let alone one that shines like this over black. And while Make Me a Mudslide seems to be a bit camera shy, it does show up better over black than my pictures makes it seem. Here's one that shows it a bit better--the point is, you can absolutely see it, and that is ah-mazing:

Hit The Bottle Polish  Make Mine a Muslide

I've already shown you one manicure with these polishes, today I'll show you a second, and tomorrow I'll be back with a third. I love how well these three work together!

For this mani, I started with a base of Zoya Karen, and then did some gradient stamping with the trio, using UberChic Beauty 25-03. I always have the best results with gradient stamping when I use polishes from the same maker in the gradient--I supposed because the similar formulas make for the most equivalent scraping, drying times, etc.:

Hit The Bottle Polish  Make Mine a Muslide, Taupe-lessly Devoted, Moonshine, with UberChic Beauty 25-03

Hit The Bottle Polish  Make Mine a Muslide, Taupe-lessly Devoted, Moonshine, with UberChic Beauty 25-03

Seriously check that out --the polish picks up the image perfectly, even when I have them blended in a gradient. This is top-notch quality.

I'm not surprised these are awesome, I've never had a polish from HTB that wasn't. In fact, I have two brands that are my absolute favorite stamping polishes, and Hit The Bottle is one of them. The dry time is perfect--not too fast that I have to throw out half of my images because they dried before I could finish, but not so long that everything smudges. And, as you can see, they show up over even the darkest color. I'm not sure what brand of sorcery Michelle uses to make that happen, but I'm sure glad she does. :)

You can buy Hit The Bottle Polishes directly from Michelle's store, or from other retailers. In the US and Canada, you can find them at Lantern & Wren; check her website for other retailers near you.

Big hugs,
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