Saturday, June 30, 2018

Zoya Jelly Brites!

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Zoya recently their Jelly Brites, a mini-collection of jellies that are meant to build. I'm always on the look-out for good jellies that even well, and that I can potentially use for leadlighting, so let's take a look!

Zoya Jelly Brites

If you want to see them in action, I made a super-quick (I'm talking a minute) swatch video:

Now for some swatches! for each of these I'm showing one, two and three coats. Here's Zoya Molly, a pink-leaning bright red jelly:

Zoya Molly--one coat

Zoya Molly--two coats

Zoya Molly--three coats

Zoya Molly

If a watermelon and a cherry had a little polish baby, it'd be this polish--it's summery with a fun, sexy kick. I had no issues with Molly--she covered evenly for me even on the first coat, and shifted from more pink-leaning to more red-leaning as I put on more coats.

Next we have Zoya Paris, a raspberry jelly:

Zoya Paris--one coats

Zoya Paris--two coats

Zoya Paris--three coats

Zoya Paris

Paris feels like summer in a bottle to me--so cheery and energetic and bikini-licious. Again the formula was excellent; the first coat of Paris went on a little thinner than Molly for me, and again I had perfect coverage at two coats (if you looked closely at my nail IRL you'd see some VNL, otherwise not). This shade got more saturated as I put on more coats.

Finally, we have Zoya Alia, the sauciest, vampiest Brite sister:

Zoya Alia--one coats

Zoya Alia--two coats

Zoya Alia--three coats

Zoya Alia

Alia is more of a red-based purple, and it builds into a gorgeous glossy wine. I had some patchiness on the first coat, that is, my ridges showed--if you don't have a ridge situation like I do, you'll probably be find. I loved how the first coat is still a rich color, and I fell more and more in love as I added coats. :)

So, I mentioned at the start that I was interested in whether these could leadlight. So, I tried it out. First, I tried a sample on a swatch stick:

Then I did a full manicure with the polishes (plus Zoya Cam and Zoya Frida for the lanterns). I did this over Sally Hansen Creme de la Creme and used Moyra's Rivalda plate and Kaleidoscope Black stamping polish:

And here it is matted:

I'm pretty happy with how that came out--the colors are vivid buy you can still see that plack clearly under it. I'd definitely say they pass the leadlighting test. :)

You can find the Zoya Jelly Brites on sale now in Zoya's store, or at any retailer where Zoya is sold. :)

Big hugs,
M. xoxo

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  1. Your mani is just lovely! And the jellies are great colors.

    1. Thank you so much! It's been forever since I've been inspired to do some leadlighting. :)


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