Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review: Pueen plates 1-25

(Purchased by me; affiliate links)


A few weeks ago, I bought one of the new sets of Pueen plates, the one that contains plates 1-25. I posted a manicure using them, and you showed interest in seeing a review of them, so here they are!

First and foremost, as always I recorded a video showing all of the images accompanied by my chatter about the ones I like. :) Here's the video if you like your plate reviews in that form:

Next, here are stills of each of the plates, if you prefer a silent version of my review, lol:

My favorite on this plate is the one top left--don't know what to call it, but it's cool!

I love the flower prints, and that cool lace print!

Love that top image, and how cute are those flower balloons!

The interlocking lines are my favorites here

Love the background stamp to the left, and the one with the berries (eyeballs for Halloween? Oh yeah...)

I will find a reason to use that pineapple, mark my words.

That one on the left looks like a terrain map to me

Love the 3D illusion image and the stars are very fun. :)

That peacock image is to. die. for.

Love the water waves on the right

The one on the left reminds me of those bead door curtains from the 70s...I love the middle diamond one

The rubber duckie has stolen my heart

Crazy weird pinwheel background image FTW

Very cool reptile/fish patterns

That leaf image at the top is one of my favorites in the set--I love the art-deco one in the middle, too

I love that quad of diamonds, and how cool is that kaleidoscope looking one bottom middle!?

That heart is made of little circles, and I love the stylized flower on the left

Completely in love with that patterned one on the right--what a great background stamp, and it reminds me of the tilework on an Italian villa. :)

Love the art-deco-ish one in the middle bottom

Little snail guy is too adorable for words

Who doesn't need a domino swirl?

Pretty background pretty background reindeer pretty background wait what?

That one on the right looks like a cable-knit sweater with flowers on it :)

Not my favorite plate, I must admit...but the butterfly and teddy bear are very sweet. :)

I'm crazy about the flowered image on the right, and the paper doll cut outs are adorbs :)

And no plate review would be complete without a comparison to a standard Konad plate:

Pueen v. Konad

As you can see, the Pueen images are a teeny titch larger than Konad--but barely, especially once you take into account the half-moons. In terms of etching, to my naked eye, the Pueen plates don't look to be quite as clean when it comes to the engraving; however, I haven't noticed any issues with stamping at all; I've had all the images I've tried stamp well.

Speaking of which, you can check out the manicures I've done with these plates by clicking these links:

Diamond-pattern image

Gradient dots image (some smudging on index finger was my fault)

Art Deco image

I have a few others that I've done but haven't posted yet; I'll update them here when they post.

I purchased my plates from Amazon.com; they were $18.99 when I got them. I thnk they're a good deal for that price; if you like the style of the images, you'll have plenty here to have fun with.

Thanks for reading! Hugs and love,


  1. They look like great plates! Some nice designs on them too :)

    1. I was happily surprised...wasn't sure what I was going to get in terms of quality!

  2. Me want me want
    But I want the love plates also and the ebay seller doesn't wanna give me discount on shipping he's not responding saw that pueen gets there own site gonna order them as son the sites online

  3. This are on my wish list at Amazon. I can't wait until I can order them! I want them even more after seeing them here. (I have award certificates that are good on Amazon I am waiting not so patiently to arrive)

  4. They really are great plates that we should not miss. They have great designs that will def create great manis. Got to have some.....

  5. I almost purchased these two weeks ago with an Amazon gift card, but I went for a couple of cheaper sets instead that I have been wanting to add to my stash. This makes me rethink my decision! Has anyone ever called you an enabler before? My hubby says you are!

  6. I got this set along with the love element one last week and should be getting it in like two days excited :0

    1. It's a fun set, I think you're gonna love it! :)


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