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Indie-licious Review: Fanchromatic Nails part 2


I'm baaaaack! And I have more Fanchromatic beauties for you. :) And despite the fact that I consider myself a fairly intelligent individual, I somehow have lost the ability to count--I have *4* more pretties for you today rather than 3. :) If you missed the first half of the review, you can see it be clicking here.

To jump right in where I left off, here is the beautiful Misty Mountains. This is a grey-green crelly with small and large gold glitters:

Fanchromatic Nails Misty Mountains in indirect light

Misty Mountains in direct sun

Mistyy Mountains in Shade

Misty Mountains in shade
The name for this could not be more perfect. When I look at it, I feel like I'm looking out at a distant mountain range in the morning, far enough away that all I can see is blue-green haze with small points of trees poking out. It has such a peaceful, serene feeling to me, and I couldn't stop staring at it when I had it on. This is another one that I'm going to have to get full size in my next order, if it's still available.

This is two coats with one coat of Seche Vite--it applied like a dream, no real hassle at all, although when I was marking the pictures I noticed that there are no visible large hexes on my middle nail. Shows you how much I loved the polish as is, I didn't even notice, because I loved the random placement effect so much. :)

Next is The Horse Lord.This is a blend of yellow, brown, blue, red and golden hexes in a gorgeous butterscotch jelly:

Fanchromatic Nails The Horse Lord, indoor natural light

The Horse Lord three-quarter profile

Aaand one last smile for the camera

I really love how the brown hexes blend beautifully with the butterscotch base, while the bright cerulean and yellow contrast with it. It creates a calming, but dynamic blend that I adore. This is two coats with Seche Vite on top; the formula was fine, with no major struggles to get the glitter to cooperate.

I can't decide whether I like it better that way, or layered over China Glaze Mahogany Magic:

Fanchromatic Nails The Horse Lord over China Glaze Mahogany Magic

Love that pop of blue

The blue, gold, and red pop even more over this, and the darker base give an almost soothing effect. Somehow it makes me want chocolate and a bubble bath all at once. Is that weird? >.>

Next is Spatial Anomaly, a silver-blue lightly scatteresmall d holo base with orange, gold, and blue glitters, and holographic hair glitters:

Fanchromatic Nails Spatial Anomaly

Spatial Anomaly in shaded indoor light (notice the smoothness)

Blurred to show the holo sparkle

In the first picture, the surface looks gritty, but that's a trick of the light--what you're seeing is holographic sparkle. Take a look at the second picture to see how truly smooth the surface is. Then, finally in the final picture, you can get a good feel for the degree of scattered holo glitter there is in this. :)

This is two coats of Spatial Anomaly, with topcoat. The formula was good and this went on easily. But these pictures don't do full justice to just how beautiful this polish is. I'm proud that I got the shots I did, cause I had to do backflips to get them--but that's because of the complexity and sparkle of this polish. It's stunning and unique; I never would have thought that the combination of the steely silver-blue base with gold and orange glitters would work so well.

Of course I had to see how this one looked layered, and I tried one layer over China Glaze Swanky Silk, for a soft metallic pairing:

Fanchromatic Nails Spatial Anomaly layered over China Glaze Swanky Silk

The glitter stands out beautifully in this combination, and I can't wait to try it over some others. Hey, I know--a blue-based purple!! :)

Last, but certainly not least, is Your Lordship. This is a deep olivey-green jelly-based polish with red, green, purple, silver and gold small hex glitters, and green, silver and black large hexes: 

Fanchromatic Nails Your Lordship, in indirect light

Side-shots R coolz

This is two coats, with topcoat. Of all the glitters, this was the one I had to play with a bit to get a mix I liked of different-sized glitters to lay the way I wanted them to. But it didn't require all that much effort, certainly nothing off-putting.

I know you're gonna think I'm crazy for saying this, but...I love this for a Christmas polish. Something about it just makes me think of a vintage Christmas tree, from Dickensian times. And, with a quick little polish trick, I can turn it into a renaissance Christmas polish, too:

Fanchromatic Nails Your Lordship over China Glaze Starboard

Your Lordship over China Glaze Starboard
This is one layer of Your Lordship over China Glaze Starboard, and it just feels like the sort of Christmas you'd see celebrated in an English or Italian Castle in the late 1400s. I see boughs of pine, holly, and mistletoe, with sugared plums on beautiful gold plates in an elegant dining hall. Sigh...

And there the journey through the polishes and my strange interpretations of them ends, lol. Fanchromatic Nails is on vacation right now to adjust to the new changes in postage, but will be back open later this week; You can find the Etsy shop by clicking here. Also, Lynae will be introducing polishes from her new line, called 'I'm Your Secretary', on January 31st, 2013. As mentioned in the first half of my review, her polishes are three-free and cruelty-free; her prices vary depending on ingredients, but are competitive with (and on the less-expensive side of) other indie polishes.

Thank you for looking!


(Misty Mountains was purchased with my own money. The other polishes in this post were sent for my honest review.)


  1. Thanks so much for featuring these great polishes...great nails, nice photos!!... now off to order... which one, which three....argh!!!

    1. ROFL! I feel your pain...choices are so haaaard! This brand definitely is one of my favorites. :)


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