Monday, January 14, 2013

Before & After: Ludurana Fascinante (or, Subtle Sari)


Today's prompt is 'stamping'! As this is where my heart lies when it comes to nail art, the technique I love best, I wanted to do a simple stamping mani that shows how beautiful this technique can be even when it's done in the most fast and simple way. This mani literally took me under 5 minutes, once the base polish was dry, of course. :)

I started with a base of Ludurana Fascinante, a beautiful multichrome that goes through shades of reddish-purple, orange-brown, gold, and even a bit of olive green:

Ludurana Fascinante in the shade

Ludurana Fascinante in the sun

Then I stamped over it using Konad Gold polish, and Cheeky plate D:

Okay, I know that's a lot of pictures, but how I couldn't help myself. This manicure reminds me of a beautiful sari, and makes me feel like a princess in a Bollywood movie. I love it love it love it love it--and it took next to no time to just stamp.

This is what I love about stamping--you can get beautiful images with incredible detail in no time flat, and precisely replicate them on each nail if you like, or vary them somewhat, as I did here. Even if I had the ability to do this by hand, which I SO don't, it would probably take hours. And anyone can stamp with a little bit of practice and after watching a couple of YouTube videos, lol.

Anyway, thanks for looking and I hope you like it. Please check out the other stamped manis, linked below.



  1. Love that polish, it looks similar to one from the Sally Hansen Lustre Shine collection that I have. I love the duocolor and the way it changes when the light shifts. Definitely I need to pull my stamps out and play with them after seeing how pretty this is on you.

    1. I think I know which one you're talking about, Firefly, right? I think I have that one, I should do a comparison post...hmmm...:) And yes, you do need to pull them out!! And when you do, post it to my facebook page so I can see!


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