Friday, October 19, 2012

NOTD: Vampire bats bite


Today's prompt in the 'This Is Halloween' Challenge is: Bats!

I've had several bat images that I've been waiting to use since I started stamping back in April, so I was excited for this theme. But what I'm most excited about, what I've been absolutely dying to use, is a bat/vampire bite image from Bundle Monster. So, I designed my manicure around that image...the story behind it is that the vampire has flown into the room in bat form, and bitten his victim, and now is flying away with the rest of his bat companions, leaving behind his victim and her blood:

That's gonna leave a mark...
To put it together, I stared with a nude polish on the accent finger, Sally Hansen Beige Blast; this was a little too beige, so I added a coat of LA Colors Mega Watt as a topper. On the other fingers, I used Pure Ice Siren. On the accent finger, I also used Siren to stamp the vampire bat bite using BM301. On the rest, I stamped the flights of bats with Konad black and plate QA26

So what do you think? Is it...BAT-tastic?

(I apologize. That was just wrong.)

Thanks for looking! Please check out the other bat manicures in the challenge, linked below. :)



  1. These turned out great. Every time someone uses this stamp I think back to a conversation from Adventures In Stamping where we couldn't decide if it was a bat or an ostrich. I like the story behind your design.

    1. LOL! Funny how different people see different things. There's an image on the Mash plates that I still don't know what it is...Anyway, thank you! :)


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