Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review: My choices from the Jessica Fall 2012 collection


Happy Saturday! In this post, I'm going to show you two stunning polishes that are my picks from Jessica's Fall 2012 collection. I bring you Pumpkin Delight and Gingersnap, both of which take glass-flecked finishes to new heights of gorgeousness.

First up, Gingersnap. This polish is a combination of brown-bronze, gold, and silver flecks that come together to give an overall golden-brown effect:

Jessica Gingersnap, indirect light

Gingersnap up close

Gingersnap in direct sunlight. Eek, hide that cuticle mess!

Next up, Pumpkin Delight. This one is a blend of orange, bronze, and gold flakes, that give a stunning fall feel:

Jessica Pumpkin Delight, indirect light

Pumpkin Delight up close

Pumpkin Delight up close again. How gorgeous is that?

Pumpkin Delight in the sun

In the shade, inside, in indirect light, the gold flecks meld together to create a textured, deep, intense feel. Then, when you take the polishes into the sun--they light up like they're on fire, sparkle like crushed gems, and shine like molten metal. Many polishes are either stunning in the sun or in indirect light--few polishes can do both. These two just have magic.

Both polishes applied like a dream--perfect consistency, no problem.  I've already used Pumpkin Delight for a Halloween manicure, and will certainly use it for fall manicures. And Gingersnap? Such a gorgeous color for the Christmas holiday season. Or just anytime, really.

I admit I'm biased in favor of glass-fleck finishes, sure. But these go beyond anything I've seen before, and I can't wait for more more more more like this! Excellent job, Jessica--keep them coming. :)

Thanks for looking. :)


(The polishes reviewed in this post were purchased with my own money.)


  1. WoW Pumpkin Delight is EPIC!
    I envy you that one.. so pretty

    1. They really did a great job with these two, I mean, just stunning...

  2. Gorgeous! I love metallics and these are stunning examples!

    1. I am in complete love with them...sigh...


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