Friday, October 5, 2012

Twinpost: Equalizer!

Hello everyone!

Today I have a second manicure to show you, because two of my challenges fell on the same day--this one is from my weekly Cheeky Girls Challenge twinpost. This week Dina from Secretary's Nail Art and I are both using the equalizer image from Cheeky plate CH31.

Mine went through a bit of an evolution because I wasn't happy with it. Here was my first shot:

Equalizer attempt 1

I wanted very much to use some of my new British polish haul, non-coincidentally also just sent to me by the lovely Dina, and the Barry M Magnetic Dark Silver had a cool pattern on the magnet that looked a bit like sound waves to me, so I decided to use that magnet on Barry M's Magnetic Burgundy. I used the Dark Silver on my accent nail, but didn't use the magnet on that one. Then I added a layer of Max Factor's Fantasy Fire over the Dark Silver in order to tie it in a bit with the Burgundy (and cause I was just plain dying to use it, lol). I stamped the equalizer in Barry M Silver Foil Effect. I added a row of square rhinestones to highlight the equalizer pattern for impact.

However, the magnet pattern didn't look quite as much like sound waves as I'd hoped, and I left feeling a bit underwhelmed by it. So, I decided to add a little more stamping:

Equalizer attempt 2
So, I stamped a few mini-lines with Bundle Monster plate BM-319 on the other nails, in different directions, using Barry M Silver Foil Effects again. this added just a little bling, and if I hadn't messed up the stamping on the middle nail a bit, would have been the perfect touch I think! Still enough of the magnetic pattern showing through to give a cool effect, but just a little more unified and complete.

Thanks for taking a look! Don't forget to check out Dina's take on the image by clicking here.



  1. I'm British, and love the Barry M polishes. Their silver and gold foil effects are fantastic to stamp with, and I get good results stamping with their magnetic ones too. Great blog, I get lots of inspiration from your designs. :)

    1. Thanks so much, that means a lot to me. :) I agree, the silver stamped like a dream and I'm sure the other ones will too--better than my Konad for sure. You guys have a ton of great polishes over there--have you tried the W7 planet ones? I've heard they're great...drool...

  2. I just googled the W7 ones, I love duochromes! I'm going to have to hunt those down. :)

    1. ooo, if you find them, let me know where! Dina couldn't find them anywhere...

  3. I loved it with just the magnetics, but the lines made it look even better!


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