Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: 365 Days Of Color

(All products in this post were purchased by me.)


I recently made my first purchase of 365 Days Of Color, an indie brand I've been eyeing for a long time. The stars finally came together and the price was right, so I couldn't resist. Today I have three of their lovelies for you, and I'm going to start with the lemming that sealed the deal for me, Gypsy Skirts. :)

Gypsy Skirts is a peach crelly with yellow hexes, and lilac and mint squares. I think this is perfectly named, as it has a soft, hippie, bohemian feel to it; here is two coats:

365 Days of Color Gypsy Skirts, artificial light

This functions as a neutral base for me, with just enough flirty glitter to make it fun. Application was easy; the formula was fine to work with, no problems at all. :)

The next one I have to show you is Vagabond, a neutral beige creme with gorgeous bright cerulean blue hexes:

365 Days of Color Vagabond, indirect sunlight

365 Days of Color Vagabond, artificial light

Again this is two coats; the formula was wonderful, and everything applied really easily and evenly. What captured my attention with this polish is how bright the blue in the glitter is--it's not just another single-note glitter polish. The contrast between the neutral and those gleaming blue flashes is really captivating, at least to me. :)

Finally I have Sparkly Flip Flops, which I showed you a few days back as a base for some nail art. This is a light cobalt-blue crelly with silver glitter flakes embedded throughout; here it is with two coats:

365 Days of Color Sparkly Flip Flops, artificial light

This is bright, summery, and fun. The glitter doesn't sit on the top as it does with Vagabond, it lurks just below the surface giving a depth of flash and light to the polish. It reminds me a bit of looking into deep water and seeing the shimmer of rocks and shells at the bottom that you just can't quite make out. This formula again was just wonderful, no problems with it at all--application was fantastic. :)

I love all three of these polishes and will definitely shop this brand again in the future. You can find the 365 Days of Color shop by clicking here; full polishes are $8.00, and minis are $4.50. They've just come out with a collection of glitter toppers based on the show How I Met Your Mother, so be sure to take a look at those while you're there. :)

Thanks for looking! Hope you saw something you liked. Hugs, and happy long weekend!

(All products in this post were purchased by me.)


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    1. Aren't they awesome! I can't wait to see what they come out with in the future...

  2. I really like Sparkly Flip Flops a lot x


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