Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review: The Lady Varnishes

(Products in this post were purchased by me.)


Today I'm going to show you some polishes from a new-to-me Indie maker, The Lady Varnishes. I actually did these swatches a while back, but since I've been struggling to get caught up with my challenges, I forgot about it! That is not a reflection on the polishes, though, because they're pretty darn cool.

First I'm gonna show you Bog Of Eternal Stench, a dark forest-y green crelly with green and gold hexes. This is two coats: 

The Lady Varnishes Bog Of Eternal Stench, direct sunlight

The Lady Varnishes Bog Of Eternal Stench, indrect sunlight

I love the deep green of this polish, and the contrast of the glitters is pretty without being over the top. However...applying this polish, and the others, was not easy. They were all a bit thick; I struggled to get them to apply evenly, and they didn't want to settle on their own. A bit of polish thinner might help, and I do believe the end result is worth it.

Next up is Castle Beyond The Goblin City, a gray crelly with silver and blue hexes, in small, smaller, and micro. Again, these pictures are two coats:

The Lady Varnishes Castle Beyond The Goblin City, direct sunlight

This was the hardest of the three to apply, and you can see there is still a little bit of patching in the direct sunlight. This wasn't such a big deal in other lights, but it was definitely there. When I try this again, I'm going to try a bit of polish thinner and put on three coats. It's worth another try in my opinion because of the sweet, magical quality that the blues and silvers give to the gray.

Finally, we have my favorite, Such A Nice Beast. This is a reddish brown with gunmetal and brown small hexes, and teeny gold hexes; again this is two coats:

The Lady Varnishes Such A Nice Beast, direct sunlight

I love the rich red of this brown, and I love that the glitter gives it sparkle that adds to it, but doesn't overwhelm it. This also had application problems, but applied most evenly of the three.

So overall, what do I think? I think The Lady Varnishes has a lot of unique polishes that I love, most of them glitters in colored bases, and that ultimately look very good on the nail. I do have to warn you to beware of the application issues--it's possible that I got a bad batch that were just too thick, and that this can be fixed. I don't expect indie polishes to be perfect, and these were not. But, I have placed a second order from the shop, so that shows you the issues were definitely not insurmountable or bad enough to keep my from buying the brand again.

You can find the impressive array of polishes at The Lady Varnishes' Etsy shop by clicking here. Each polish comes with a charm on it, and if you buy 4 polishes, she'll include a chain that allows you to wear the charms as a necklace. I'm not sure what this looks like, but I do wear the charms as dangle rings, for fun flair.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're having a wonderful day. :)

(Products in this post were purchased by me.)


  1. There pretty colors! I really like the glitter in them :)

    1. She has a talent for combining the base colors and glitters well, I think. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Right?! She has several more in that collection. She pulls from her favorite movies and books, and I think you can really see the inspiration in them. :)

  3. Oh wow, the green one!!
    And I checked her store - I see some very lovely combinations she has there..

    1. Doesn't she!! I just got my second order from her in the mail today, and there are some more beauties that I can't wait to show you. I looked to see if she ships to the EU, but I couldn't see--ask her, maybe she will!

  4. I have about 15 of her polishes in my shopping cart, ready to go when I can afford them lol! I love the super unique colors and the smattering of glitters she uses. Thanks for the post! Gorgeous pics as usual :)
    P.S. I bought you some sugar. I want cake.

    1. Honey, I made you a cake last night! Wasn't it you that ate it?? Uh oh...we must have a second stalker, stalking the both of us...O.O


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