Monday, December 23, 2013

Before & After: Changeable Snowfall


Are you ready for Christmas? I am definitely not. Today and tomorrow are going to be very busy days. But busy in a happy, good way. :)

Today's manicure started with LynBDesigns So Changeable, which is a beautiful blue-glitter that has a touch of purple duochrome (although I didn't manage to capture it in the pictures--it freaked my camera out!):

LynBDesigns So Changeable

On the pinkie in the second picture you can see the purple flash a bit--it's more visible in person. I love the texture that the glitter gives this polish; can you believe this is only two coats?

I've been wanting to use the snowflake full-nail image from Bunny Nails HD-F, because I love the intricacies of the snowflakes in that image, so I decided to make this a snow manicure. I stamped the pattern with Barry M Silver Foil, making sure the pattern showed up in different ways on each nail:

It's pretty, but I felt like it needed just a little something to make it better, so I added some silver microbeads:

What do you think? I like it, but I do wish that teeny size of microbead came in the half-sphere shape like the slightly bigger ones do, I think that would look so much better on this design. But how pretty is that glitter as a background? it looks like snow far in the distance, at least to my eye. :)

Hugs and Merry Christmas Eve's Eve!


  1. Very nice! And those beads added a special touch to the manicure ;)

    1. Thank you! I think they add just a little extra something. :)

  2. These are fab! I love the depth the blue glittery polish has <3

    1. It really is a great polish. She has a bunch of awesome stuff, at very reasonable prices, with great sales!


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