Saturday, December 21, 2013

Favorite holiday polishes: Specialty Edition


I'm back with my favorite specialty polishes for the season. Just to refresh your memory, my 'favorites' lists are a bit different from other lists, in that I don't just look at 2013 polishes; I base my favorites list on every polish I've swatched since I began blogging. I try not to have polishes that are too close to each other, although sometimes I do manage to let one or two slip by. :)

Okay, let's do this!

Barielle's Elle's Spell

This will always be one of my top picks for the holiday season (okay, and for the rest of the year, too). It's got that cheery Christmas red and sparkly golden flakies--so how could it not be amazing? It also makes me think of a cozy fire with flames and embers burning in the hearth. And, you can get it for $3-4. Merry Christmas to us. :)

China Glaze There's Snow One Like You


I've said it before and I'll say it again. The formula is ridiculously bad. The application is horrendous. And I do not care one little bit. It makes me feel like I have glistening piles of snow on my nails and I love it. It's not for every day, and it's not for everybody. But for those of us who love's a unique, fun winter polish.

China Glaze Howl You Doin'

Yes, I know this is intended as a Halloween polish. But I refuse to be penned in by the dominant paradigm!! This is one of those polishes that reminds me of plum pudding and mulled wine; it puts me in mind of those richly spiced holiday flavors and I love it.

Color Club Gift Of Sparkle

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 Gift Of Sparkle is a glitter-soup type of polish, and if you follow my blog you know I'm not generally a fan of those types. This is the exception that proves that rule. There is something about the blend of glitters in the and the amazing amount of light it throws while still managing to not look over-the-top gaudy that really speaks to me. Softly dazzling, in the very best way.

Color Club Snow-Flakes over Glitter Wonderland (which ironically does not have glitter)

I am trying to focus on the flakie topper, so I will try not to go on a rage about the base polish's name and contradictory lack of glitter. This is a typical flakie topper, and there are many other out there like it. I chose to showcase this one because it's the cheapest I've found; you can get it for about $3 without too much hassle if you have access to Color Club. Whichever version you buy, I think a flakie topper can give almost any base polish a touch of holiday magic. :)

Color Club Pearl-Spective over Endless Summer

Another flakie topper, but in this case the flakes are teeny, so it gives a very different effect. Also, these flakies lean more toward pink/purple than gold. I would argue (remember this is a polish addict you're reading) that you need both of these flakie toppers in your collection. One looks like flickers of flame, the other like a soft rain or snow shower.

Zoya Chyna

With outdoor light and no topcoat, Chyna leans a little bit more magenta. With indoor light and topcoat, she looks like crushed rubies. And what girl doesn't want her nails to look like they're covered with crushed rubies, particularly during the holidays??

Zoya Liberty

A beautiful blue polish great for Festival Of Lights manicures or just when you want something with holiday bling, but are tired of red and green. Like Chyna, I actually prefer this with topcoat, I feel it brings out the sparkle and the color a bit more, but it still preserves the textured look.

Ozotic 621

This polish is one of those that doesn't photograph nearly as amazing as it actually is. Even in the pictures it's beautiful, but in real life, it looks like their are little particles of holographic light bursting forth from your nails. Absolutely stunning, and if you want it, don't wait, because at least some of the Ozotics are being discontinued. But if you can't find it or can't afford it, Zoya Blaze is a similar polish (although not a dupe, to be sure).

Picture Polish Kryptonite

This is the green version of Ozotic 621, and is breathtaking. I don't often pay $14 for a polish with no regrets--for a polish to be worth $14, it had better either do my laundry for me, or be made of magic. This one definitely seems to be made of magic, and I can't say enough about it. If you can bear to put nail art over it--I can't, which is why you haven't seen it featured on the blog yet--it would make a beautiful base for a Christmas tree look. Also, since I haven't reviewed it before, I'll assure you that the formula and application are as perfect as you'd expect for the price. Worth every penny.

Jade Vermehlo Surreal

Want the candle flickers to dance rainbows across your nails at Christmas dinner? This cherry-red holo is just what you're looking for.

Jessica Touch It

Touch It is the most disco-licious polish ever for your New Year's Eve manicure. It has the glitter-texture-type finish, but doesn't read as too much. I intend to wear this in at least one manicure during the week before New Year's.

6 Harts Midnight Delight

This is the absolute most perfectest polish ever to use as the base of a Nativity scene manicure. You know those Bunny Nails plates I showed you the other day? Just stamp that Nativity scene over this base in silver, and voila, you're done. Stunning manicure in no time flat.

Anne Kathleen Cinnamon

I just reviewed this recently, so you know I see a golden snowstorm when I see this, or beautiful angel robes/wings. I think it's a soft-but-sparkly holiday polish that manages to look elegant and blingy at the same time. Not an easy balance, my friend.

Authority Cosmetics St. Valentine


Okay, this is not a specialty polish, but I accidentally left it off of the other list, so I've included it here. I'm sure you'll forgive me because there's no arguing it's possibly one of the prettiest Christmas reds ever. :)

Cult Nails Coveted

Bright Christmas green with a subtle shimmer and awesome green flakies. Just enough magic added in to make it special, and worthy of your holiday events. It's like a monochromatic Christmas tree for your nails. :)

Darling Diva Auld Lang Syne

This is a gold holographic topper that I think is beautiful for either Christmas (over the red) or New Year's (over the brown or any other color you'd like). It reminds me of confetti and has plentiful holographic light coming from it, just like that moment when the ball drops.

Hare Polish Rusty Hearts

A deep brick-red polish with rust flakes...this makes me think of cinnamon rolls and hot toddys. If you're not into the bright Christmas reds, I think this is an elegant, victorian-esque alternative that would look good on almost anyone.

InDecisive Nail Lacquer Antique 

This is a sterling-silver flake topper that gives any polish a rich look. If you're interested in this one, you should grab it--I've heard rumors she may not be selling it much longer.

InDecisive Nail Lacquer Cosmic Bubbles

Love sitting by the fire with a good book while the snow falls in the evening? That's what this polish makes me think of. The combination of cerulean and white is beautiful on its own, but is a wonderful base for nail art, particularly any that's snow-related.

InDecisive Sugar

Sugar is a soft silver scattered holographic polish. How many silver polishes can you wear and still look sophisticated and elegant? Not many, but this one will do that for you. Something special without being gaudy.

Jindie Nails Grinch

Want a fun, playful retro look? Grinch is just what you're looking for. It takes me right back to those classic 60s cartoons they play every year, with 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' at the top of that list (of course). Just looking at this makes me want to pull out that DVD. :)

Jindie Nails Just Elfin' Around


This is my #1 favorite clear-based glitter topper for Christmas looks (these pictures show a gradient done with the glitter). The mix of green, white, red add a perfect dash of Christmas to any base. The different sizes and shapes of the glitter add whimsy and visual interest. I completely adore it.

Lacquerlicious Christmas Morning


How many polishes are this perfectly named? I wore this last year as my Christmas day manicure, because I think it does perfectly capture the chaos of shredded paper and ribbons all over the house (particularly when you have a dog and four cats helping to shred them). It's fun and happy, and it works over so many different colors.

Mentality Bandit

I've included one photo here that shows two nails with topcoat--I think either way, this looks just like a pine tree to me, particularly the blue-spruce type of Christmas tree.

Mentality Entice

 I don't often wear gold polishes, but when I do, I wear Mentality Entice. Stay festive, my friends.

Mentality Tenderness


Here's your visions of sugar plums in one convenient bottle. Scattered holographic goodness in a beautiful jewel-toned purple? Oh, yes, this is a polish you can dream about.

Ninja Polish Divinity

This is a beautiful polish for so many reasons, but the reason it made this list is because it is the closest thing I have to one of my fantasy polishes--a red/green duochrome. Until the day that someone makes it, I'm more than happy with this awe-inspiring multi-chrome lovely.

Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer Not Your Mama's Cranberry Sauce


Dark cherry red jelly with holographic glitter that gives off sprays of multi-colored lights every time your fingers move. That's the dream (not going to jail for your bro, the way Barney Stinson says). Sure, I'm partial to red polishes, but even if you aren't, you have to admit this is a dreamy holiday red for your collection.

 The Lady Varnishes Scandalous Scarlet

This, my dear friends, is the polish I will be wearing this year on Christmas day. If you took a close-up of a Christmas pine wreath, this is what it would look like. If you took a bunch of holly and let your cats shred it (don't, btw--holly is poisonous to cats and dogs, as is mistletoe), this is what it would look like. Epic. Just simply, perfectly, Christmas-ly Epic.

The Lady Varnishes Monster

If you want a green that has a softer feel to it, but still has a little special glimmer to it, Monster's little flakes give the polish a soft luminescence in a Victorian-era green. Deep but soft at the same time. :)

Windestine Peacekeeper

And to end the list, we have the ethereal Peacekeeper. I see the dance of the sugar plum fairies. I see beautiful girls in skating outfits doing spins on frozen lakes. I see a soft snowfall reflecting light in the dusk; I see a serene winter morning. This polish has a feeling of peacefulness and holiday magic all wrapped up in one. :)

So there you have it! My favorite holiday polishes. Do you have any favorites that I don't have here? And which of the ones I did include here do you like and why? Did you make it this far, or did you give up? ;-)

Big hugs filled with holiday love,


  1. LOL
    "But I refuse to be penned in by the dominant paradigm!!"
    "Did you make it this far, or did you give up? ;-)"
    I love all the sparklies!!!! Ozotics, InDecisive Sugar...I'm beginning to think I like scattered holo glitter better than linear holo....
    Happy holidays!!!!!

    1. Hee hee hee...glad I made you laugh! And I'm the same way, at first I wasn't really that into the scattered holos, but I love them more and more...:)

  2. Thank you for those fabulous swatches! I tried to resist, but as soon as I saw Picture Polish Kryptonite, I did a Search and ordered it!

    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the information on the polishes that you (and other bloggers) pass on to us, the public! I am also starting to Really look forward to postings on look a-likes, dupes, etc., when I run across a polish I am interested in. Hah, I am so relieved when I see and hear you say that if we have a certain other polish, the current one isn't really necessary (when I have the other polish). My collection is growing at an alarming rate!

    1. My pleasure! I think you're going to love it, it's just crazy gorgeous.

      Thank you so much for the thank you! I had a friend ask me once why I did this, and I told him that it's because when I was first looking for nail plates and things, bloggers and youtubers really helped me, so why wouldn't I want to pay it forward? But on that note, I need to do more dupe and comparison posts...sigh...:)

  3. Awesome list of your favorite holiday colors! They look amazing :D

    1. Thank you! When I was putting it together I wanted to go put on all of them, lol!

  4. Have you seen Nostalgia by I Love Nail Polish? It's a red/green/gold multichrome and is more stunning in person than in photos. Perfect holiday polish! And now I need Mentality Bandit! Thanks for sharing your list!

    1. I have, and it does look stunning, and I do want it...but to my eyes it's a bit more pink/magenta than red. I'd love it if someone came out with a blood red-grass green duochrome...sigh...

  5. I have one word for you in your hunt for a red/green duo chrome... Nostalgia! ILNP's holiday Ultra Chrome that strongly shifts red/gold/green. <3

    1. Yes, that one is a beauty, but to me it looks more magenta than it more red in person, do you think?? I will have to buy it regardless, it's gorgeous either way. :)

    2. On my nails it looked more of a warm golden red, sort of brickish. The green was also more golden & the gold could look bronze in certain light. Not normally ME colors, but it had me ooo-ing & aaah-ing while I wore it & with no nail art even. LOL

    3. Okay you sold me, sounds like I need to have it. Wait a minute!!! Who's enabling who????!?!?!?!?

  6. Oh wow, that's an epic post!! :)
    Some really gorgeous polishes you have here, but the greens, oh my gosh, they're to die for! Of the bunch they're by far my fave; along with all the flakies and a special mention for Anne Kathleen Cinnamon & 6 Harts Midnight Delight!

    1. Thank you! You would not believe how long it took me to put together. Glad you enjoyed it, and nice picks!


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