Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Comparison: Zoya Ember, Elisa, and Blair

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Time to take a look at some beautiful Christmas reds! I pulled out all my red Zoya shimmers, including one that goes over the edge toward purple...Zoya Ember (from the Flair collection, click here for my review), Zoya Elisa, and Zoya Blair:

Comparison of Zoya Ember, Elisa, and Blair

Comparison of Zoya Ember, Elisa, and Blair

What do you think, do you have a a favorite? I love them all and it made me realize I need to check to see if Zoya has a deeper brick red so I can snap it up, lol!

Happy polishing,


  1. Great comparison! They are all lovely.

  2. As soon as I think I like one more than the others, I start pining for another one! I do love a pretty red polish and these are all lovelies. I have so many red nail polishes, in varying finishes and degrees of red that I have sworn off buying more but I am always tempted when I see such beautiful swatches of you have done. Thank you for the wonderful photos!

    1. Glad they're helpful! I'm the same way--I own more red polishes than any other color and I keep finding more that I want. I have a couple coming up with specialty're gonna love them...:)


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