Saturday, December 5, 2015

Comparison: Zoya Estelle & Zoya Song

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Blue is one of those colors I really love during winter, and the holidays in general. So today I'm going to compare two deep blue Zoya shimmers that I think are beautiful for the season, Zoya Estelle (from the Flair collection; see my full review here) and Zoya Song:

Comparison of Zoya Estelle and Zoya Song

Comparison of Zoya Estelle and Zoya Song

These are my only two dark blue Zoya shimmers, but oh, man, if you're only going to have two, these are it. Estelle shines from inside like it's on fire, and Song's flecked finish makes the light dance across the surface of your nails. Both of these are five-star polishes, without a doubt.

What do you think--do you like one more than the other?

Happy Polishing!


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