Saturday, December 12, 2015

Before & After: Zoya Aggie + UberChic Beauty 3-02

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I am so excited about today's before & after...every once in a while, now and then, here and there, the beauty you have in your head when you think up a manicure actually comes to pass when you try to make it. Often you might get close, but rarely as close as you want. But sometimes...just sometimes...

There's a history to this mani. A friend of mine posted a mani with this image, and I had to have it. I discovered it was an UberChic Beauty plate--I'd heard of UberChic, but never tried one of their plates. I went. I found. It was out of stock.

I e-mailed the owner, and got some of the best customer service I've ever had answering my questions. I waited for it to come back in stock, and ordered it...and finally, finally, I got to stamp with it. After all of that build up, it was nearly certain the image would never live up to my expectations. But it did.

I started with a base of Zoya Aggie, and brown-green duochrome:

Zoya Aggie

Zoya Aggie

Then I stamped the highly-anticipated image from plate 3-02, using Sally Hansen Silver Sweep:

UberChic Beauty 3-02

My long-anticipated

super magical 

awesome manicure!

I love the way the duochrome polish plays with the art-nouveau image. I love how beautifully intricate the image is--pretty enough that it doesn't need a lot of decoration (although you could do crazy awesome stained-glass stuff with it), elegant, sophisticated, amazing.

What do you think, isn't that totally worth waiting for a restock??

Happy stamping,


  1. Very sophisticated! I love Uberchic plates thought I don't have that one...yet.

  2. Just some lovely stamping going on in this manicure.


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