Friday, August 24, 2012

NOTD Before & After: Fall into orange and green :)

Hello there!

Ever since I did a 'Can't Wait For Fall' challenge recently, I'm completely into fall colors. I'm also currently swatching some colors from the Misa fall collection (the Wanderlust collection), which puts me even in a more fall sort of place! So when I saw today's challenge in CNT was 'Green & Orange', I decided to go for a fall palate and pattern.

The day before I had swatched Misa's Taking Chances, a subtle pumpkin-rust orange with gold glass flecks, and it seemed like a perfect backdrop for this challenge:

Misa Taking Chances in indirect light

Misa Taking Chances in direct sunlight
 I settled on China Glaze Agro for my green, but made sure to scrape it well to make the color a little more faint. I used Red Angel plate RA-115 to stamp the small leaves on the vine, and Cheeky XL plate L to stamp the big leaf. Then I added a few more using China Glaze Passion:

Now I want to go to a puniken patch

This one shows off the gold a bit more

Beauty shot! :)
These colors all work so well together, they play off each other and create dimension! It's a subtle look, but I think it's pretty and interesting. I can't stop staring at it and I have a feeling it will stay on for a couple of days at least.

Thanks for taking a look, and please check out the manicures created by the other Crumpet Nail Tarts, linked below. :)



  1. Love it!
    Im thinking about using an obnoxious orange for this.

  2. My first thought was to do a neon orange and green, but then I decided to wait for halloween for that...:)

    1. haha, I used two neons for mine!

    2. This is because great minds think alike!


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