Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review: Amour Glitter Polishes


Today I want to share with you a little surprise I found on Transdesign...some inexpensive, but cool, specialty glitters!

When I went onto the website, on the front of the polish page, I saw 5 glitters by Amour, at the bargain price of $2.75 each. That's a downright crazy awesome price, so I picked three of them to try out, and I've got swatches of them to show you today. :)

First up is Blue Night: 

Blue Night is a clear-based polish with teeny bright blue glitter and holographic moon glitter. Here I have one coat of it over Misa's The Great Green Whatsit (horrible name for such a beautiful polish...sigh...I'll show you the swatches of this polish later in the week), and below I'll show it alone and over black. 

Next is Starlet Night: 

Starlet Night is also in a clear base, and contains mini holographic bar glitter and holographic stars. I adore this tiny bar glitter! I wish more polishes used this instead of the large bar glitter you get in most polishes. 

Finally, I have Relax: 

Relax has teeny green and gold glitter, along with holographic glitter flowers, in a very faint green base. 

Here are all three together, for comparison purposes:

Poor little pinkie finger...so sad and bare, all by itself.

The description on Transdesign suggests that you layer them over black polish. So, on my nail wheel I painted each nail half black, and then put two coats of polish over the entire nail for contrast. Here is how they look:

Blue Night


Starlet Night

These definitely do find their glory when layered over black--I'm hoping they do the same over other similar dark colors as well.

And finally, a video so you can see the glitters and contrast in motion:

To sum up, I liked all three of these and I think they are well worth the money they cost; they are not as uniquely special as indie glitters are, but they are very nice in their own right. In terms of formula, they applied fine, and the small glitter went on evenly. You do have to fish for the large glitter pieces, but there are plenty of them to fish out, and with pieces like this you'll probably want to place them strategically anyway. My favorite of the three is Starlet Night--I just love that small bar glitter, and I hope I start seeing that in more polishes. One word of warning, though--when you wear star glitter like the ones in Starlet Night, cover them with topcoat right away, at least two coats of it. Otherwise, the points of the star will catch on things and start to pull up (you can see that started to happen in my pictures above. I'm actually thinking about getting another bottle of Starlet Night and Blue Night and frankening them together to see what happens. :)

So there you have it, some cute glitters from Amour. Transdesign's site also has an Amour red glitter with hearts and a green glitter with butterlies; you can find them by clicking here, and scrolling down.

Thanks for reading!

M. :)

(the products in this review were purchased with my own money.)


  1. Thanks for this review :) I had been looking at Starlet Night, but seeing there is bar glitters in it, I'll give it a miss. I'm not so into bar glitters. :)

    1. Glad I could help! Yes, there is definitely a *ton* of bar glitter in that one. :)

  2. Sweet!
    I like the one with the flowers. Very cute.

    1. You should check out the butterfly one. I almost got that one, too. Not the hearts, tho, I'm not much of a heart girl.


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